From Our Readers: For Every Girl Who's Had Her Heart Broken

by You!   |  Aug 28, 2015
ART Trixie Ison
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You are amazing, beautiful, and wonderful girl. Please don't be sad. You deserve the best. Someday, someone will look at your eyes like they're the most beautiful stars that he has ever seen. Someday, someone will call you at 2am just to say he missed you. Someday, someone will hold your hand and never let go. Someday, someone will take the risk, every risk just to be with you. Someday, you won't be afraid to fall because you know there's someone who will catch you through it all. Someone will be proud of you and tell everyone about you. He'll put you first more than his own. Someday, someone will wait for you and be glad by it. There will come a time where taking risks would be easy. Someday, someone would fight and pray for you. Someone will show God that he is deserving for your love. Someone will pour all his love to God so that he can love you more. A boy like who's worth the wait. He's out there somewhere someday but definitely not today. Don't rush. The best is yet to come and it's meant to last. Wait for him. In time, he'll come, when you least expect it, when you are in God's will. The road to that tunnel might be dark, you can't see anything. But follow God's light, it will lead you to the right way. You are a princess. God will give you a prince.

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You might think this is what you want right now, but girl, slow down. You haven't seen the best yet. The right person is the right person under any circumstances. True love doesn't bring confusion. True love protects and true love trusts.


Wouldn't it be nice to wake up, without thinking of anyone but God and your family. Having to smile in the morning and getting ready in 5 minutes instead of having to take an hour, drowning in realization and repeating to yourself over and over again why you should get over him because you never really did because you never accepted it and you never learn from it? Wake up, girl. There are a lot of things to do, a lot of things to achieve. Get busy with those dreams not with temporary feelings. Trust me, someday you'll look back at this and laugh. We always think that we want this so much right now only to realize that later on in life that there's something much better than the feeling you thought would be forever. It only lasts as long as you allow it to last. The decision is yours. So stand up, pretty girl. Smile and keep yourself happy. Value yourself, by walking away from things that no longer grows and is dragging you down. Don't overcompensate. A guy who really loves you won't need it. Your prince would like you to focus on more important things right now. He won't be able to come unless you're ready. Love yourself first so you can love others and you can be loved by others. Be the kind of person that you want your future partner to be. Grow and nurture yourself. Help others and show them God's love.

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Your heart is young and many lessons are yet to be discovered, many secrets are yet to be uncovered. Take the time right now to learn, explore, and tackle the world. No other time will offer these chances. Don't rush. Yes, time is constant and time is ticking but there's a season and reason for everything. You can't force spring without winter. Same with life. You may thought that you want it now, but God has better things in store for you.

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