From Our Readers: Fast Forward to My Life Ten Years From Now

To all the Candy Girls who are just dreamers like me, work hard to pursue your dreams. There might be times that failure will pull you down but you got to be strong to stand up and keep trying.
ART Trixie Ison

It's 10:00 in the morning and I can smell the freshly brewed coffee that my boyfriend prepared for me before he left for work. The aromatic smell of coffee combined with the greasy-salty aroma of eggs and bacon, and sweet scent of pancakes is enough to bring me out of bed. I don't keep an alarm clock beside my bed because Frank, my pug, is always on time to wake me up from my deep sleep. I was never really a morning person and waking up at 10:00 has always been my routine. It's fine though considering that my job as a writer does not require me to wake up early in the morning.

As I walk to the kitchen counter, I bring my laptop with me and start writing my thoughts out as I devour this delicious breakfast that the love of my life prepared for me. I am very lucky to have him in my life so I make sure he does feel the same way about me. I make it a point to always prepare his things the night before he leaves for work during the morning. And every time he goes home from work, he will never miss a special dinner made by yours truly. I will never be the best chef in town but he always makes me feel that I can even compete with the top chefs across the world. 

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This guy I'm talking about, is my everything. I can never be thankful enough to have a decent job and a happy life and having the perfect boyfriend is my bonus prize. 

We met at a small town during one of my travels. I was wandering around the island and he came to approach me and saw how I admired the whole place. He told me that seeing a person admire the place he was born in, made him feel special as well. He asked me out to one of the best restaurants in town and we just clicked. I knew, from the moment I met him, that he was the one. 

We've been together for three years and we decided to move in together just last year. I thought moving together would lessen my affection for him but I was wrong. It grew more and more intense every minute of everyday I spent with him. 

The money we earn from our jobs is enough to support us and our parents. We never really talk about marriage as of now because we still want to focus on our careers. I am currently writing a book and I already signed with an agent. Writing a book has always been my dream and seeing it about to happen always sends me into verge of tears. I really worked hard to come up with this story and I know that every ounce of my hardwork will surely be worth it at the end. 

My friends and family are also very supportive with every decision I make. They also didn't stop me from moving in with my boyfriend. They knew how much we love each other and that moving in was just another small step for us. Plus, my friends love him so much because they never thought I'd fall in love like this again after experiencing so much heartbreak from boys before. When I was in college, I kind of told them I'd never see another guy ever again because I hate relationships and commitments but hey, I was young and naive. But now, I can really say that good things really do come when you least expect them to and you'll know true love when you see it because I did. 

Anyway, It's already 5 pm. An hour left and he'll be home again. I have to prepare his favorite dish because I will be working for the next couple of days next week. But don't worry, I've got it all covered. I already prepared ready-to-eat meals so he wouldn't have to cook for the rest of the week. Two weeks from now, we are scheduled to go to Hawaii for a month. So being gone for a week is fine because we'll be spending a month of vacation and relaxation after that. 


It's funny how ten years before, I was lying on my bed and staring at the ceiling, praying and hoping that one day, all my dreams will come true. Every night I created maps of my future inside my head and I even wrote notes so I wouldn't forget it the next day. And now, ten years later, I'm beginning to cross off my checklist of goals one by one. And none of these would happen if I didn't believe in myself in the first place. There are still times which I feel like everything is just a dream and I still have to pinch my cheeks to convince myself that I'm not really dreaming. 

There are still times which I feel like everything is just a dream and I still have to pinch my cheeks to convince myself that I'm not really dreaming. 

To all the Candy Girls who are just dreamers like me, work hard to pursue your dreams. There might be times that failure will pull you down but you got to be strong to stand up and keep trying. Always remember that: "What will burn a big log, starts with a small fire."


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