From Our Readers: Don't Fall for the Nice Guy

by You!   |  May 22, 2015
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Don't fall for the nice guy because when he breaks your heart, it will hurt and it will hurt really bad. You won't see it coming because of course, he's the nice guy and nice guys don't go around breaking hearts like bad boys do. This is what makes the pain seemingly unbearable, and you wish you fell for the bad boy instead because at least with him, you know what you're getting yourself into. 

When you meet the nice guy, you will feel as if you don't deserve him and so you try to be better. You'll thank God for having met this boy who inspires you to be good and to do good. You'll feel sorry for the other girls who have had their hearts torn into pieces because with the nice guy, you somehow have this sense of assurance that your heart will remain intact. You'll try to justify every unanswered call and all the unreplied messages because you believe in him too much. You'll see the red flags but you'll see right through them because things are supposed to go extra well when you've gotten yourself a nice guy. You'll refuse to save yourself from the sinking ship because you are hoping that the nice guy will be the one to save you. You'll wait and wait until you find yourself drowning because he never came.

The heartbreak will make you question everything you believe in. But more importantly, it will make you question yourself. You'll tire yourself from going in circles trying to figure out what you did wrong because it couldn't be him. It simply can't be.


This wasn't supposed to happen. You'll endlessly recount all the movies and young adult fiction because there was not a single warning about falling for the nice guy. They only spoke of the bad boy and how you should avoid them at all cost. That was the rule. Or at least, you thought so. It turns out they were wrong - you were wrong.

So don't fall for the nice guy like I did because he'll end up ruining you. And girl trust me, it won't be pretty. I guess everybody got so busy reminding me not to hurt him that nobody was left to remind him not to break me. And so he did.

Written by Steffi Kay Pantino.

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