From Our Readers: Dear Incoming College Freshmen

College, as much as terrifying yet exciting as it sounds, isn't really that much of a jungle. It's more like our own little maze.
by You!   |  Jul 19, 2015
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The beginning of a new semester has always been a life-changing experience for most of us. A new sememster means a clean slate, a brand new start, a fresh beginning. It was, and still is, something that everybody looks forward to. And although we would sometimes crave for familiarity, something about not knowing things makes this new chapter of our lives a lot more fun and exciting.

For most of the time, we'll we wandering off and finding our place in this new environment. Later on, we will observe, we will adapt. We will blend into the busy crowds of book binders and sticky notes and color-coded lectures. Soon, we will learn how to embrace our naked face and how our eyes would look so expensive with our well-earned eyebags from sleepless nights and last-minute cramming for a project or an upcoming exam. We will learn a lot. And most of all, we will meet new people along the way.


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Admit it, making friends with a total stranger is a big struggle for most of us. But we must accept the fact that these might be the people who will be attending the same classes as you do for next following weeks, or maybe even years.

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There's always a first time for everything. Maybe you've been forever friends with your BFF and it feels like a decade has already passed since you last talked to someone who you didn't entirely know. That's okay, we're all like that. But go on ahead, lift your chin and put on your brightest smile. Never forget to be friendly and kind, polite, and courteous.

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Later on, you'll find yourself sitting next to each other in classes and maybe even passing around notes. You'll be looking forward for your vacant periods with them and you'd be laughing around about all things that you find that funny that day.


It's funny, actually. College, as much as terrifying yet exciting as it sounds, isn't really that much of a jungle. It's more like our own little maze. We get to let ourselves lost for a little while but we will eventually find our way through this puzzle called life.

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Written by Nicole Andrade .

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