From Our Readers: A Letter to the New Girl

From his past girl. Don't worry I'm over him.
by You!   |  Mar 27, 2015
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Dear you,

Hi! I don't know you yet but I'm pretty sure you'll know about me. Don't worry I am not here to threaten you. I've probably gotten over him already at this point in time. And I am so happy that he finally met you.

I want you to know that he is a really nice guy. He may be very jealous and sometimes immature, but he is very sweet. He spends most of his time practicing their dance, but please, don't get mad at him about that. Know that he loves his passion as much as he loves you. Always remind him to bring extra shirt, by the way. He always forgets about that. Plus, you don't want him to look sweaty all the time—though I have to admit, he can be hot and charming when he is. He may not continuously show his affection for you or he might not say "I love you" that often, but he surprises you with something you really would love. And oh, know that he loves her mom more than you. NEVER ever let him go with you during his date with tita. Her mom does get jealous every time he's with you. But her mom will surely love you as long as you love his baby boy. Know that I loved him, and please do love him too with all your heart. Make sure that you surprise him during his birthday and give him a really long letter, because I never gave him that. I never surprised him or have given him anything when we were together. Always do something new with him. Plan adventures. Go on dates unplanned. Watch him dance every practice. Be there at his every performance. Cheer him up every time. Look him in the eyes when he's tired. Say that you like his nose, though  he can get very conscious about it. Be close with his group of friends and have lunch out with them. Always bring bottled water for him. He loves it when you give that to him during his break times at every practice. Remember that I haven't done all those things for him. And that's what I'll always regret.

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I hope you make time for him. I hope you don't make the same mistakes that I did. When he loves a girl, he means it. And he won't be into other girls. Some girls may like him too, but he'll show them he already has you. Don't be insecure when other girls take a picture with him. Support him in that. He can be really flattered, but he will never choose them over you. He will love you with all his heart. Never take it for granted. In fact, he gets tired, too.

Lastly, I want you to know that I won't ever ruin your relationship. I'm just here to say how grateful I am to have had a chance to be with him. He became a big part of my life. And I hope you take care of him more than I did. I loved him, but I think this is goodbye. I hope you'll love him just as much.


His past girl

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