From Our Readers: A Letter to My Love, Now My Guardian Angel

I love you, always. Until we meet again.
by You!   |  Apr 3, 2015
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My Angel,

I thought that in my 20s, I would be facing the typical problems of an adult. I was wrong.

I cannot summarize in this limited space the moments we have shared since the day I met you until the day that I lost you.  It has been 7 years but it felt like time came like lightning. It was so fast, I barely even realize that it came to me. I felt like I was stricken for a moment, but the damage felt like something that won't heal for the rest of my life.

I thought that our love story might end up in a typical way as most people do. We started back in high school, so I was pretty sure back then that our relationship would be ruined by childish fights. I even thought maybe we were meant to be with someone else, because we were too young. I knew a lot of things could happen that may lead us to break up eventually. Luckily, we grew up together and our story survived for years and I am nothing but proud of what we had. But who would have thought that your life would have to end too soon?

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Remember when we used to talk about our future? We always tried to prepare for our future problems by planning how to solve them even before they happen. We made a promise that no matter how difficult our challenges would be, we won't ever leave each other and we'll always be a team. So when you left, I was scared, scared because I was not prepared to face this world alone. I was confident that any trouble in our way will just pass through us easily. Now, I needed to do something. It was a sudden change of plans...

I want to be strong so I can face all possible challenges that might go my way. I know that you will be my guardian angel. I might not see you, but I am sure that you will guide me in all the obstacles that I will face. I promise that I will live the life you've always wanted me to live. The things I learned from you and from our past will definitely be put to use. I will also continue to write our story as my story even if you're gone so I can inspire people.


You are my soulmate—I still believe that. No matter what life had planned for me, I will always believe that you are the person I was always meant to be with. Your life may have ended a little too soon, but I know for sure that our love will last forever. We only had a short time together, but you filled my life with so much love in those 7 years. I can bare to carry that love for the rest of the days I have left on this planet and I believe that we are bound to see each other again in the next lifetime.

For now, I will live my life to the fullest. I will survive each day. I will be brave and strong. I will definitely be a new woman when you see me in the future. I love you, always. Until we meet again.



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