From Our Readers: A 5-Step Plan to Moving On

Forget him.
by You!   |  Jul 21, 2015
ART Trixie Ison
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Step 1: Keep the only picture you have with him on your wall.

Don't you dare rip it off. Keep it there as a reminder of when love could still be frozen in time, when that one picture was still worth a thousand words. Remember when "I" was still "I love you," when "love" was still "my love," when "you" was still "you and me."

Step 2: Stare at his name on Facebook on your PC until the little green dot becomes an icon of a phone.

Remember you are on your computer because your phone died waiting for you to chat him up, but you never do. Wait as the seconds that he's not there become hours and hours become days.

Step 3: Stash that tiny little letter he gave you into your wallet.

Fold it neatly in half. Smooth out the creased corners, as if it were that easy with love. Whenever you clean out all the receipts, tickets, and whatever tiny piece of your life you don't want to lug around, keep it in your wallet. We all know he’s not just some tiny piece of your life.


Step 4: Include him in your prayers every night.

Take your thoughts of him and weave them into a prayer, hoping that though you may not be able to be with him physically, emotionally, at least there will be Someone out there to watch over him. Bid the universe to be easy on him; you know how hard he’s had it. Be a light he cannot see; let him be the darkness you cannot evade.

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Step 5: Rip his picture off the wall.

Stop staring at his name. Throw that little letter away. Stop sending pleas for him to God. Forget him. Forget his weird laugh. Forget his mocking smirk. Forget his sweet ways. Forget his v-necks and chinos. Forget his passion for art and science. Forget his personality.

Forget him. I hope you make it to Step 5. 

Written by Drea Ford.

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