3 Real Girls Talk About Their Relationship With Dad

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 17, 2017
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This weekend, we're celebrating Father's Day. And while many of us are posting about how much our dad means to us and how much we love them, there are girls all over the world who see this day as bittersweet.

Three Candy Girls shared their stories with us via Candy Feels. And this weekend, we're putting the spotlight on them. Read about what it's like to have a father that leaves you, to have a father whose standards you couldn't live up to, and to have a father who goes home exhausted just to give his family a good life.

Krischen Keith Balberan: When Your Father Leaves You for Good

I stumbled upon the dresses you gave me before. I touched and smelled the fabric like a kid who'd smell her new clothes, freshly-bought from a high-end clothing boutique. I tried to imagine the look on your face when you first saw these dresses; you knew they would fit me well, don't you? At that moment, I realized how much pain I still keep inside.

It must have been easy for you to leave everything—including us—behind and try to start a new life where you no longer have responsibilities to worry about.

If you're going to ask me, I must say that I am having a hard time right now. You see, for two years, you have immediately found your place in my heart. I waited for you to recognize me as your daughter for 17 years and I'm so glad that you did. That's one of the greatest things that happened to me. It's just amazing to have someone who's ready to support you and love you no matter what happens.


Cristina Corea: "I'm Sorry, Dad"

I just wanted to say tell you that I am sorry. I'm sorry because I could not live up to your expectations. I'm sorry because I could not be like you. I'm sorry because I could not make you proud. I'm sorry for making you hate me more and more each day; I'm sorry for hating you, too. 

Don't worry, I'm fine. I don't want to blame you for not wanting to talk to me. I'm sure you're thinking that I'm a failure and you're regretting that you have someone like me connected to you forever by blood. You must be thinking that you shouldn't be bothered by my existence anymore. But once upon a time, I was your baby girl. 

Faith Olpindo: "My Father Sacrificed Everything for Us"

My father told me once, "Anak, makakaraos rin tayo. Tiis lang." I don't even know why he said that because we don't have financial problems. But my guess was that we couldn't pay some fee in school. I heard him tell me, "Ikaw naman, pagtiyagaan mo na." Then I realized something was wrong with me, that something needs to change in me. Money wasn't always the answer but sometimes, it is. 

Money wasn't always the answer but sometimes, it is. 

I never said good things to him. I always resented him and always called him in a rude way. I don't even call him "Papa," but when he came home before my Graduation Day with a bruised forehead, I realized that I was so wrong to not respect him. I ran outside to ease the pain I was feeling because I wanted to cry.

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When he came home that day, he told me, "Anak, nandito na ako." Even if he had a bruise on his forehead, he still talked to me with a smile because he saw me, he saw us, and he's okay with that. I wanted to ask him if he was okay, but I stopped myself because he might tell me that I'm too cheesy. That day made me realize that he is doing everything for me. His age is already good for retirement, but he still choose to work so that he could support us. To see him happy is what I wanted to see more and more each day.

Tell us your stories, too, Candy Girls. We'd want to hear what you have to say about life, college, politics, and feminism! You can send us you submissions via Candy Feels.

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