From Creative Corner: Optical Illusion

  |  May 26, 2013
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Optical Illusion

The photograph inside that frame
is a testament that
one certain afternoon
he whispered sweet nothings
in her ear.

(Your voice echoes in my head every night.)

The bumps on the road
will be
a proof
that no matter
how perfect
a relationship is
there will still be
forces that
try to
break two people

(You slowly take
my breath away with
every kiss.)

Two stangers who
realized what they
wanted on a
day where winds
shook and woke
sleeping hearts.

A pair of lovers,
both broken and
finally lacing
their delicate
fingers with
something that both
made them feel

(I will never let go of your hand.)

Their journey
would be an evidence
to what others
think is

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