Friendship Emergencies

Caught in a bind with the worst illnesses that can ruin the best of friends? Let the friendship doctors prescribe the best medicine for you!
  |  Dec 4, 2003
illustration by Ben Deluyas
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Your best friend always puts herself down. She’s just too hard on herself!

stethoscope.gif Symptoms: She constantly coughs about how unpretty she is, how she can afford to lose some extra pounds, and how no one will ever pay any attention to her.
nurse.gif Diagnosis: Your pal has an acute case of insecurititis. This can be fatal especially if her self-esteem is threatened.
rx.gif Rx: Your friend has to be reminded she’s special! We prescribe a daily dose of encouragement on just how fab she is. Write her a note on why she rocks, or ask her to make her own cool-to-be-me list. Then post these on her mirror. Or take her to the mall and purchase some cool duds! Some retail therapy should lift her spirits.

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