Friday, I'm In Love: You Saved Me When Everything Didn't Make Sense

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 17, 2017
Image: Pexels
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I met you at a weird time in my life. Everything stopped making sense then. All I wanted was something, anything new. My life seemed like a giant mess and all I wanted was a clean slate and fresh air so I could learn to breathe again without feeling pain in my chest. That's when and where my love for the mountains came in; that's how our love story began.

It was unexpected. It was a complete surprise. The first time I climbed a mountain was for work, a press event for a popular shoe brand. I took my first step towards the summit with all the thoughts I knew I should get rid of, and the unnecessary burden that I should make it to the end because it was embarrassing to be left behind. It wasn't easy, and it felt like I was carrying a heavy load on my back. Each step I took was painful and difficult. There were moments in the middle of the climb when I just wanted to give up, but the mountains always knew how to keep me going. Wherever I looked, whenever I turned around, all I saw was how majestic everything was. It was a beautiful reminder that I am but a small part of this universe and that when I looked at the bigger picture, a lot of things I was completely heartbroken about won't even matter in the end.

As I walked and went higher and higher on the first mountain I've ever climbed, I felt that for the first time in forever, I was able to breathe. Freely and without this stabbing feeling in my chest. I'm sure that the universe wanted me to go on, to move on, and actually continue walking. It didn't matter how long I took. It didn't matter how slow or fast I did it. It felt like the only thing that mattered then was that I moved forward. So that's what I exactly did.


Most of the time, you just don't realize that all you need is just a push to bring you back to your senses that you can make it through anything and everything in life. That no matter how badly you crashed to the ground, your wounds will heal and your heart will mend itself—it's just how things go. Most of the time, you just need a good, quiet reminder that things are going to be fine, maybe not now or tomorrow, but they will be. That's what climbing mountains did for me exactly.

Most of the time, you just don't realize that all you need is just a push to bring you back to your senses that you can make it through anything and everything in life.

This summer, I am climbing my sixth one. I know it's nothing compared to expert climbers out there, but to me, that means a lot. It's a reminder that I've gone so far and that I am going far. It's a beautiful reminder that when you don't give up, you'll see that something beautiful is waiting for you at the end of a rough road. The climb won't be easy, it never will be. But that's how you'll know how tough you are, because when your body is about to give up, your heart will push you further because it's stronger than you've ever known it to be—just like who you are and how you were built; you are so much more.

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