For the Girl Who's Missing Her High School Barkada

For those days when you miss your homegirls.
by Alyssa Jose   |  Sep 22, 2016
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College is a daunting place that can easily overwhelm just about anyone. Imagine being in a new university, living in a tiny dorm room miles away from home, keeping up with demanding professors, choosing between hundreds of organizations, and meeting an entirely new set of people—that could not be a walk in the park. You know what's easy? It's getting sucked into all these that you forget who you were before you set foot in college.

It'll hit you that after your countless attempts to fit in and be like everyone else: you don't know yourself anymore.

These are the days when you'll miss high school the most. When you're constantly tired because of the all-nighters you're pulling off, you'll miss how high school never made you feel exhausted to the point of giving up. When you fail for the very first time, you'll miss how high school made you feel confident about your own intelligence. When you're eating by yourself because you haven't made friends with anyone in your block yet, you'll miss just how fun lunch breaks used to be because you never had to eat alone. When you can't seem to establish a connection with your newfound friends, you'll miss how your high school friends read your mind and completed your sentences.


The moments when you feel lost are also the moments when you're compelled to pack your bags and go back home to your people. High school was your comfort zone, your home; and we know you'd give anything to be able to go back.

But there is no going back now. The thing with time is that it never stops for anyone; unforgiving even to those who can barely keep up. We know you miss your high school friends but please give college a chance to win you over. It may be giving you the most difficult time now, and you may be the most homesick student on campus, but trust us, things will start looking up once you've settled down with the workload and with the people.

Promise us that you'll try to love it, even when you hate everything about it right now. Accept the fact that college is a whole new world that you have to discover with new comrades, not because your high school friends don't want to go with you, but because they also have their own new worlds to explore. Let them find themselves in this great big world, but assure them that you'll come running when they get lost in the process. Giving them room to spread their wings and discover who they are does not always have to mean cutting them off of your life. Be confident that your friendship is something that can survive your busy schedules, the rainchecks, and the missed calls.

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Your friendship is the kind you never give up on, no matter what happens, no matter where the world takes you.

Know that they may be miles apart from you, exploring their own daunting worlds but they will always be waiting on the other line. Go call them, they miss you too.

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