Five Tips To Help You Get Noticed

by Angel Constantino Aquino   |  Feb 27, 2010
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The Target: Your family
The Deal:
Your parents always praise the littlest things your brothers and sisters do, but they don't seem to see the big things you do. Even worse, you make a small mistake and you never hear the end of it.
Get Noticed:
If you aren't getting noticed for all the good things you're doing, such as all the effort you put into your studies, extracurricular activities, and housework, it's time to toot your own horn. If you got a good grade on a test, go up to your parents, and casually mention that the extra study time you put in really paid off. If you're heading a project you're really proud of, share it with your siblings and get them to join in. It's not about bragging—it's about bringing to light the great things you're already doing.

The Target: Your friends
The Deal:
When someone in your barkada has a problem, whether it's as mundane as trying to find the perfect gimmick outfit or as big as their parents separating, you're always there to be a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and a helping hand. But when you're the one with the problem, everybody seems to tune out.
Get Noticed:
It's great that you're always there for your friends, but you've got to let them know your needs too. Don't wait for them to ask you what's wrong. Trust that when you talk to them about a problem, a dream you have, or a hobby you're passionate about, they will listen. If it's too daunting for you to share to the whole noisy group, try to talk to one or two friends at a time. Chances are, they'll be more than willing to give you the attention you need. 


The Target: Your classmates
The Deal:
It's time for the intrams and your class is forming a group to join the dance competition. You know you can bust a move, but when the time comes to choose the participants, your classmates yell out their friends' names while your voice is lost in the din.
Get Noticed:
No matter what the event—a dance contest, a theater play, a debate, or an art competition—make sure people remember you and what you're good at. If you know you're a good dancer, talk to your classmates about your previous dance experiences and let them know you'd love to be part of the team. Be confident and assert yourself. Then, when it's time to choose a candidate, they'll be sure to ask you first.

The Target: Your crush
The Deal:
You know you're cute and talented enough but your crush always seems to just pass you by. You can't help but think, "Hello, am I invisible?"
Get Noticed:
Smile and make eye contact—it's the surest way to get him to notice you and let him know that you're a happy and confident person. Take interest in his activities—not only to be near him, but also to get to know him better and expand your horizons. When you've gathered enough courage, talk to him. Asking him a question is a good way to start a conversation. You can even compliment him or ask for his help. Speak your mind, but don't make it appear as if you know everything. Don't keep complaining either. Negativity pushes others away and will probably just turn him off. Of course, it's also a good idea to be well-groomed to make a lasting first impression.

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The Target: Your teachers
The Deal:
You never misbehave in class and you always submit your homework on time. But your teachers pay more attention to the popular and charming girls who appear smart but pass notes and don't listen!
Get Noticed:
Make an extra effort to stand out by speaking up in class and showing your teachers that you're trying to learn. Teachers love it when they get feedback from their students because it shows them that you are gaining something from their lectures. You can also put more effort into your assignments to make them stand out by checking the grammar and style of your papers and making your projects more visually appealing. When you have a group assignment, volunteer to be the leader. You can also ask your teacher for extra credit or consult with her about your grades. This shows her you care and will help her take notice!

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