Five Lessons from Joe Jonas

by Marla Miniano   |  Apr 8, 2010
photo courtesy of The Disney Channel
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Family comes first.
Put three superstar brothers on the road together and what you've got is potential clash of egos and a recipe for a disastrous case of sibling rivalry. But Joe doesn't mind sharing the spotlight with his band mates and best friends, Nick, and Kevin. "My brothers and I are always keeping each other in check. We were raised by great parents who have always been supportive of us, so even when we're playing in front of thousands of people, our feet are still on the ground." The Jonas family knows the value of "keeping it close," and they always make sure they find time for each other despite their busy schedules. (Trivia: In the middle of a video chat with fans, Joe's mom calls him up and he immediately answers with an affectionate, "Hello, Mommy. What are you doin'?" So sweet!)

Clean living is cool.
As a part of a group that has been dubbed "The Clean Teen Machine" by Rolling Stone, Joe stays away from alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. You won't see him out partying in clubs, getting wasted, or being arrested for drunk-driving.His idea of fun? Video games and dance parties in his hotel room with, Nick, Kevin, and Camp Rock co-star Demi Lovato. Despite the flack and suspicion he gets for being so squeaky clean, he wears his purity ring with pride, which symbolizes his promise to abstain from pre-marital sex—something that may not be that easy when you've got thousands of pretty girls lining up outside your door, ready to profess their undying obsession with you. "I really am just a good guy," he assures everyone. We totally believe you, Joel.


Looking great isn't shallow.
When asked what role fashion plays in their success, Joe replies, "I think it is similar to our music—it's who we are. We can tell a story with our clothes. Our style is definitely very '60s-and '70s-inspired, and we enjoy designer labels, but you'll see us in vintage shops too! Maybe one day we can tap into the fashion market and have a  JoBros clothing lie. I'm not saying we're amazing designers, but we love clothes, and it would be really cool." He tells People magazine, "Fashion is a big thing for us. We dress up every day. We love to put on a high-fashion rock look."

Embrace your quirks.
When she describes her on-screen love interest, Demi Lovato doesn't gush or swoon. Instead, she reveals, "Joe is a big dork." And it's completely true—he enjoys his weird brand of humor, wants to do stand-up comedy, looks up to funny actor Jim Carrey, pretends to be an alien, and stars in YouTube soap operas with hilarious lines such as "Fine, take your banana!" He can also be quite clumsy and accident-prone, thus the nickname, Danger. He gamely spills, "There's one scene in Camp Rock where Demi and I are on a canoe. I remember being on canoes with girls before, and I once fell in. That didn't impress the girl very much. In real life, there are no stunt doubles." Whats fascinating is that he tells you all theses embarrassing little details about himself a big smile on his face—he's far from perfect, and he's definitely proud of it.

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Learn to appreciate life.
While every other Hollywood A-lister whines about paparazzi and public pressure, Joe takes a different route by saying, "We never complain because we love this life." He sees his fame and fortune as great blessings, and is constantly amazed at how far the band has come from their humble beginnings. "So far, things have just been lining up perfectly," he says. "We live so many people's dreams every single day, and we know that, and we really want to take it all in and soak it up." So what goes through his mind when he hears his female fans screaming and going crazy?" My first instinct is to think, "What's wrong?" And then, I'm like, "Oh, we're in a band!"

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