Here's How You Can Find The Debut Hairstyle That Suits You

  |  May 1, 2015
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On your debut, you want to look your best--and that includes wearing the perfect hairstyle. Choosing the right hairstyle for your debut will affect your overall look. To help you pick your hairstyle for your debut, consider these factors below.

Your Dress
When choosing a hairstyle, make sure that it’ll look good with your gown. Gowns with embellishments or detailed appliqués are meant to be shown and so you’d want to have a simple updo for that. For gowns with a sweetheart or off-shoulder necklines, you may opt to set your hair in loose waves. If your ensemble features a high neck, wear a stylish bun to emphasize your gown’s gorg details and elongate your neck, too.

Your hair length
Debutantes with longer hair have endless styling options. From loose curly locks to fancy buns--you've got lots of choices! For shoulder-length to chin-length hair, you can ask your stylist to add volume and texture to achieve that wavy bob. If you have really short hair, you can wear a sparkly headband for a feminine touch--or you may opt to have hair extensions if you want long locks on your debut.

Your face shape
Your crowning glory wouldn't be as glorious if it didn't match the shape of your face. Lucky you if you have an oval shaped face, as you will look great with almost any updo. However, for round shaped face, hairstyles with volume at the crown will help balance the roundness. Hairstyles with side-swept bands look great with round and square-shaped faces.

Your debut theme
Let your hairstyle keep within your theme. If you're having a princess-themed debut, complement it with a high chignon or an elegant bun. For a beach-themed affair, go for loose waves. Let your hairstyle match your theme so it will complement the rest of your debut details.


Your debut program
If you'll be performing at your debut,you surely want a hairstyle that will look great even after your number. Go for a hairstyle that will keep your hair out of your face so that you’ll look neat even when you break a sweat when you perform. A half updo or a braided bun is ideal for a dance or song number.

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