This Family Unearthed a Love Letter Written by Their Lolo in 1946

It was kept hidden for 75 years.
by Mario Alvaro Limos for Esquire PH   |  Sep 14, 2020
Image: Ginno Tiburcio Jaralve
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When the Tiburcio-Jaralve family was sorting old items in their house, they discovered a very old piece of paper stashed along with family photographs from the 1940s.

When they unfolded the paper, which was a faded piece from a yellow pad, they were surprised to find out it contained a handwritten love letter penned by their grandfather, Amado Tiburcio y Cruz. It was addressed to “Remy,” who was none other than their Lola Remy, also known as Remedios Mendiola y Cortez.

Love Letter from 1946

Photo by Ginno Tiburcio Jaralve.
Photo by Ginno Tiburcio Jaralve.

Below is the text of the love letter written by Lolo Amado in 1946:

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May 21, 1946

345 Raon St.

Sta. Cruz, Manila

Mahal kong Remy,

Muli ko na naman hinawakan ang aking panitik upang sa pamamagitan nito ay minsan ko pang idaing at manik-luhod na hingin sa iyo ang katugunan ng aking pinipithayang banal na hangarin.

Masakit talos mo na Remy na ang puso ko ay walang tanging kayamanan liban sa isang pagsuyo na pagkadalisay.

Sa mga sandaling ang tapat kong pag-ibig ay iyong idamay sa mga kahirapang aking dinaranas, ang magiging katulad ko ay isang halamang salat sa mapagbigay na buhay ng ulan at init ng araw.

Kaya’t tapatin mo ako Remy, tapatin mo ang dalisay kong hangarin sa iyo. Maawa ka! Kaawaan mo ang isang pusong nagmamahal sa iyo ng tapat at dalisay. Huwag ka nang magmaramot sa akin. Huwag mong ikait sa akin ang iyong matamis na “oo” na malaon ko ng nais na makamit.

Subalit habang ang puso ko ay nag-iibayo sa pagmamakaawa sa iyong matamis na kasagutan ay lalo kang waring nagwawalang bahala. Bakit, bakit kaya, Remy, hindi mo ba talos na ang hindi mo pagsagot sa aking mga liham ay aking ipinaghihirap. Wala ka kayang pusong katulad ng sakin, wala ka bang ni katiting na pagtingin sa akin?


Hindi mo ba talos na ang hindi mo pagsagot sa mga karaingan ng isang kaluluwang sa iyo’y umiibig ng tapat at dalisay ay isang pusong wagas ang pagmamahal ang maaring masiphayo hanggang sa malamig na libingan?

Hanggang dito na lamang at baka ikamuhi mo ang kababawan ng aking liham. Remy, inaasahan kong ihuhulog mo sa aking puso ang iyong awa!


Amado Tiburcio

(My dear Remy,

Once again, I hold my pen so that with this, I may once again express and beg on bended knees for a response to my most sacred desire. You know so well Remy that my heart has no other treasure except for one longing for your pure affection.

If you will reject my faithful love, I will endure it as part of my sufferings and I will become like a plant deprived of the life-giving nourishment of the rain and sunshine.

So, Remy, be honest with me and my pure desire. Have mercy! Take pity on the heart that loves you ever so purely and faithfully. Do not be selfish to me. Do not withhold your sweet consent that I have long dreamed of.


But as my heart toils for your affection, all the more you act like you don’t care. Why, I wonder why, Remy, don’t you know that I suffer for your lack of response to my letters. Are you heartless? Don’t you have the tiniest speck of affection for me?

Don't you realize your lack of response to the pleadings of a soul who loves you so faithfully has a heart that can endure this suffering eternallyÂuntil I am laid to rest in my cold grave?

I will end here because you might detest the shallowness of my letter. Remy, I am hoping you would spare a drop of mercy for the sake of my heart!

Loving you,

Amado Tiburcio)

The Story Behind the Love Letter

According to Ginno Jaralve, grandson of Amado and Remy, the letter was written in 1946, just after World War II, when his grandparents were still in the courtship stage. A year later, in 1947, they got married.


Amado was a native of Marikina, and was one of the pioneers of the shoe industry there. He was a shoe vendor.

Remy was a native of Pateros, and was an alpombra slippers vendor.

Jaralve’s family found the love letter hidden among Lola Remy’s stash of items.

“She hid it well,” Jaralve told Esquire Philippines.

Lolo Amado passed away in 2014.

“Every day since Lolo Amado’s passing, Lola Remy would cry,” said Jaralve. “She died heartbroken.”

Lola Remy passed away in 2016.

Below are photos of Lolo Amado and Lola Remy’s wedding day in 1947.

Photo provided by Ginno Tiburcio Jaralve.
Photo provided by Ginno Tiburcio Jaralve.

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In 1997, Lolo Amado and Lola Remy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Photo provided by Ginno Tiburcio Jaralve.
Photo provided by Ginno Tiburcio Jaralve.
Photo provided by Ginno Tiburcio Jaralve.
Photo provided by Ginno Tiburcio Jaralve.


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