A New Student Org Was Launched During Quarantine, and It's All About Sustainable Fashion

Here's the story behind FASH.
by Anya Nellas   |  Feb 27, 2021
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As awareness of the fashion industry’s contribution to climate change continues to grow, more people have been actively striving to be more eco-conscious in their fashion choices. Sustainable clothing brands have made a splash in the past years, advocating for greener production processes, better quality fabrics, and less waste buildup. We’ve seen the rise of many local, youth-led, sustainable fashion labels, such as Tela, Retaso, and Shop Florice.

This year, the industry gains a new local player in the form of FASH. Founded by ADMU students, this is an independent organization that advocates for sustainable fashion. Officially launched in September 2020, FASH has recently opened its doors to aspiring members last month.

This up and coming organization was the brainchild of seven girls with a passion for fashion. FASH’s Public Relations Head Bianca Bravo shares how there were orgs in Ateneo for niche interests like stocks and birdwatching, but none for fashion – which is something everyone deals with every day. “Instead of just coming up with a fashion org, we specifically wanted it to center on sustainability. We aimed to contextualize the advocacy to what the world currently needs and also root back our passions to a greater cause,” she explains.

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FASH envisions a community of individuals committed to sustainable living, and aims to promote responsible fashion, focusing on conscious consumption and ethical practices to address existing issues in the fashion industry. The organization believes that sustainable fashion needs to be more accessible and personal for the average person. “Although a movement towards sustainability has long been existing, majority still find it somewhat intimidating and exclusive. As fashion enthusiasts, we hope to make sustainable fashion the gateway for anyone who’s interested in adapting a more sustainable lifestyle,” shares Bravo.

Having just recently finished their recruitment week, FASH has shown how they value genuine passion and a willingness to contribute to their cause. “We celebrate what people have to offer. They don’t necessarily have to be intensely well-versed about fashion or sustainability,” Bravo says. The organization aims to mold their members according to their values of #Cocopro: Community, Consciousness, and Proactiveness.


There is much in store this year for the organization’s members and supporters. FASH’s flagship project FASH Forward: Sustainable Fashion Month is set to launch in April, along with webinars, workshops, social media challenges, a pop-up bazaar, and a webzine centered around sustainable fashion. Although their member base only consists of students from Ateneo, they will be releasing year-round content and projects which are open to the general public through their social media platforms.

FASH proudly recognizes the country’s vibrant local community for sustainable fashion. With brands and organizations like Fashion Revolution Philippines, WearForward, Basically Borrowed, Riotaso, and Anthill Fabric Gallery, sustainable fashion has become more accessible than ever, and FASH is ready to help expand its reach to its community. In an age that calls us to be more mindful of our environmental choices, it’s about time we actively integrate a sustainable mindset into our routines, interests, and purchasing habits.


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