We asked more than 200 teen girls to bare their deepest, darkest secrets. Here are the results.
  |  Jun 5, 2008
compiled by the Candy staff
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Liar, Liar

As kids, we were all taught not to lie. Sometimes thought, everyone slips and has to tell those little white lies.

42% lie about sneaking out and planning gimmicks.

24% of you keep your love lives a secret, and lie about having a boyfriend.

20% of you don't tell the truth about the vices you have.

Tough Times

Growing pains are toughest during the teen years.

32% of you say flunking a subject or flunking school counts as the biggest crisis you've ever been through.

27% say the pain of breakups stings the most, and

25% are anxious about other issues such as bullying and suffering from identity crises.

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