Expectations vs Reality in YA Romance Books

Why the realities shouldn't be that bad.
by Mara Agner   |  Dec 13, 2016
Image: Patrick Martires
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There's nothing like a good YA romance read that'll make you swoon for days. From being noticed by your crush despite being awkward and clumsy to him declaring his love for you that involves a grand display of affection (probably with the participation of the entire school), kilig scenes in YA books are the ultimate #relationshipgoals. But just like in movies, we all know they rarely happen IRL. Does this mean it's about time that authors write more about fun, adventurous females with great personalities (read: the normal single female) more? Below we list down five situations most likely to happen in books that usually set the readers expecations IRL and five realities that are far from high key swooning, but are quite nice to be able to experience, too.

Barkada vacay

Expectation: You and your friends go on a spontaneous trip and meet cute guys who happen to be cute and single, too!


Reality: You and your friends stay at the hotel or Airbnb room and binge watch movies with an unlimited supply of junk food aka best staycation ever!

Valentine's Day

Expectation: It's Valentine's Day and you're surprised when your crush asks permission from your teacher to serenade you in class and give you flowers.

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Reality: It's a typical school day and you're barely surviving your math exam. The only serenade to your ears is the ringing of the lunch bell, which is basically the only thing you need rn.


Expectation: You're the third wheel on your friend and her boyfriend's date, until they introduce you to their common friend who turns out to be super cute and so into you. 

Reality: You're the third wheel 5ever no matter how many friends your bestie's boyfriend introduces you to. And you have no probs with it.


Expectation: Your crush gets the entire school involved in getting you to go to the prom with him. He has flowers, chocolates, a flash mob—the works!


Reality: Your crush asks you out to prom in the most awkward way possible that ended with a high-five. And you're the happiest girl in the world. 

Summer job

Expectation: You meet a super cute guy at your summer job and work has been a breeze since then.

Reality: You barely have time to make friends because your job is keeping you on your toes for hours on end, but you're grateful that it pays well and your friends from school are always online and available to chat with.

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