Every Girl's Guide To Skipping Heartbreak

You don't have to have your heart broken to know better. Here are six love lessons tried and tested through the years—minus the heartache!
by Jillian Gatcheco   |  Dec 9, 2012
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Heartbreak in the making: Going all the way because your guy wants you to prove your love for him.
Skip these parts:
Feeling bad afterwards because it wasn't how you expected your first time to be.
Getting paranoid over an unplanned pregnancy.
The Lesson: A guy who truly cares won't force you to be intimate before you're ready.
If you're going through this right now: The best approach is to be honest with you guy and just tell him you're not ready. A guy who loves you will sincerely listen to what you have to say and understand your point of view. If he threatens to leave you, then that is your ticket to finding a better boyfriend! While wanting to go all the way and being ready to do it are two very different things, the bottom line is: can you raise a child on your own if you get pregnant? Love makes us do extremely silly, unreasonable things, and you have to understand that it doesn't always end up the way movies portray it to be. The key is to be responsible, and to not be swayed by your emotions during moments that count.


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