Embarrassing Moments Caught On Camera

The camera captures the happiest moments of our lives, but it can also preserve memories of the worst times!
  |  Aug 5, 2012
photo courtesy of The CW (90210) * compiled by Aura Azarcon and Sasha Lim Uy
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  1. Jump Shot
    I was taking a photo of a frog for my literature class. When the flash went off, the frog leaped towards me! I jumped backwards and fell in a muddy puddle. It was all for the love of literature! —Queena, 16
  2. Photo Fanatic
    I was walking around the mall, eating ice cream in a pretty white dress. To my delight, I saw my favorite celebrity so I hurriedly asked to have a picture with him. After he left, I reviewed the picture and saw I had ice cream stains all over my chest! —Denise, 20
  3. British Invasion
    My cousin needed a picture of a culinary school for his project, and he asked me to accompany him. When we got there, he started snapping away. Out of nowhere, a security guard came whistling and running towards us, saying that taking pictures of the British Embassy wasn't allowed! —Philip, 16
  4. Water Babies
    My friends were pretending to be top models at the beach while I took pictures with my new SLR. As I busily directed a shot I wanted, a wave dragged me into the water, camera and all! —Christie, 18
  5. So Close
    We had a classmate who always wanted to join our group pictures even though we weren't close. During one photo op, a friend blurted out her annoyance: "What if sumali ulit si feeling close?" Looking at the photo, we saw that said girl was standing right behind us but slowly backed away when she heard my friend's comment! I felt bad for her. —Pam, 18
  6. Candid Camera
    My sister and I decided to take wacky and distorted pictures using one of the display laptops at a computer store. When we walked by the store again, we saw two kids laughing hysterically at our pictures. We promised never to do that again! —Rose, 14
  7. Thumbs Down
    When The Click Five came to Manila, I was so thrilled that I could meet them. The guards were making me hurry so I just snapped the photo. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that my enormous thumb covered a part of lead singer Kyle Patrick's head! —Paige, 19
  8. Say Choco!
    My friends and I decided to take headshots for fun. When it was my turn, I gave them my fiercest pose and they laughed out loud. Apparently, I had black stuff on my teeth! It was probably the chocolate we were munching on. —Vani, 16
  9. Nipped In The Bud
    We were practicing our cheerleading stunts in the pool during our barkada outing. A friend documenting the stunts suddenly laughed so hard and showed everyone my accidental nipple slip! I hurriedly deleted the picture, but my friends never forgot about it. —Jen, 15
  10. Headless Jumper
    I needed jump shots for a project. My 10-year-old brother gamely took some of our pictures, but had to leave in the middle of the shoot. When I checked his shots, they were either blurry or headless. We had to re-shoot! —Trish, 19
  11. Horror Hug
    Just before summer, I summoned the courage to ask my crush if I could have a photo taken with her. When she obliged, I hugged her as the camera clicked. When I looked at the photo, she was cringing in horror. —JM, 18
  12. Piece Out!
    Stylists stuck recycled objects to my body for a photo shoot. When we were about to start shooting, everything fell off piece by piece! It wouldn't have been so embarrassing, had I not been standing in the middle of the road. In the end, they made me change outfits. —Ysa Villar, 21, QTV VJ
  13. Bicycle Lame
    My friend and I decided to imitate a cute snapshot of two girls happily riding their bikes with their hands up. A pal took continuous shots, but as we attempted to raise our hands, we both fell off our bikes! We have 10 frames of our wa-poise moment. —Chiara, 17
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