Yes, You Can Have a Debut Inspired by Your Fave Cartoons or Video Games

Here are 4 tips on how to do it.
  |  Mar 7, 2015
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If you grew up watching cartoons and you've spent your childhood trying to talk, sing, or look like your favorite character, you may have also considered of incorporating your favorite cartoons(or perhaps your favorite video game) in your debut. While there's nothing wrong with such a theme, it may have the tendency to look juvenile--and that's not something you'd want on the day you turn 18. To help you achieve a party with the right mix of fun and chic elements, here are four tips to help you turn a childish theme into a debut-worthy one.

Don't be too literal
Literally incorporating every little detail of your favorite cartoons can make your debut look childish and, well, cartoonish. Think of other details that can update or replace the original elements that seem over-the-top for your party. For example, for a debut inspired by The Little Mermaid, you don't have to have a mermaid tail to channel Ariel (Can you imagine hopping around all night?). Instead, you can wear a mermaid-cut gown (the skirt flares out below the knees) in the same color as Ariel's mermaid tail, or use sea-inspired hair accessories.


Incorporate elements subtly
Some cartoons may be easier to incorporate into a debut (like Alice in Wonderland), while some others will be more challenging to work with (like Adventure Time). For the latter, you may pick two or three signature elements and focus on that instead of incorporating all the elements in details. No need to put up standees of Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum to let people know about your theme, but you may include tiaras or small backpacks. The smart references to the cartoons will also make for great conversation-starters.

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Tone down the colors
If you have your heart set on a really crazy cartoon theme, like SpongeBob Squarepants or The Simpsons, the colors may be too overwhelming for a debut. Remember, you can still channel your theme even if you use lighter shades, so don't hesitate to tone down the colors. (Otherwise, you'd have a debut that's really, really bright and yellow.) Create a color palette that not only matches your theme, but also suits your style.


Create a moodboard

To have a preview of your debut theme, you can create a moodboard to check if the elements go well together. This way, you can edit your desired details to achieve a cohesive debut look instead of a clutter of different elements. Again, you may choose a few key elements from your chosen theme, and then let go of the rest of the details. Know that you can't incorporate references from all the episodes in the series or scenes in the movie. Learn to let go of details that may look out of place at your party.

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