"I Saw Someone From School On A Dating App, Awkward Ba To Swipe Right?"

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Mar 7, 2020
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It’s one thing to see a schoolmate outside of the campus and feel awkward about saying hi to them. It’s totally a different story when you see them on dating apps like Tinder or Bumble. Online dating has some unique points from the traditional ~offline~ way of dating, so it’s definitely uncharted territories for some of us. If it happens to you, what would you do—swipe left na lang kasi awkward AF ‘pag nag-match kayo? Or do you swipe right because, screw it, they’re kind of cute and you feel like you’d click? Before you swipe anything and get yourself in a situation you aren’t ready for, here are some things to note:

There are certain people you just should not swipe right at, no matter what.

Before you do anything, know that no matter how outgoing or bibo you are, there are still some people you should steer clear from. If the person from school is an ex (especially if they’re the toxic or unhealthy type), a teacher (!), or just someone you generally shouldn’t romantically associate yourself with, then it’s best that you just let them slide.


Swipe lang nang swipe.

Now that you have that settled, feel free to just swipe right if you feel like you want to! Whether it’s that blockmate you’ve yet to get to know or the orgmate of a friend you met once, swipe right lang nang swipe right—if that’s what you feel like doing, at least. There’s nothing wrong with being on a dating app and there’s definitely no shame in it (Hello, sila rin naman?!). Time to embrace the digital life and use it to your advantage. You won’t really lose anything if they didn’t swipe right at you—they wouldn’t find out you did unless they did the same thing, anyway. If they didn’t, okay lang ‘yan, swipe pa more until you find a match. No harm done even if you see them walking in the corridors. But if they did…

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Get to know them as much as you can.

Congats! Ito na, moment of truth. It might seem awkward to engage in a conversation with a stranger that’s ~not~ really a stranger—on a dating app, no less—but there’s no backing out now.  Go ahead, send a message.

And don’t pretend to play it cool kung hindi naman talaga pa-cool ang peg mo. Pull out the corny jokes as early as now, because if they can’t handle you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at your best, ika nga. Socio-political views an important thing for you? You can ask about it now if you’re curious to know, especially if it’s a deal-breaker for you. If they find it awkward to talk about serious issues or react negatively to your question, respect their decision, but also keep in mind how that plays into your dynamics if you ever end up dating in the future.


Swiping right does not automatically mean you’re already dating, after all. You’re only getting to know one another to test the waters and see if meeting up in person is even worth the effort. Good luck, and be a responsible online dater!

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