Cut Some Slack

Still got vacation hangover? Switch back to school mode by cutting down on these guilty pleasures!
  |  Jun 14, 2007
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1. Cut down on caffeine.

While studies show that caffeine can improve short-term memory, too much of this substance can make you feel anxious over the littlest of things. Lessen the coffee and cola. Gobble up water instead!

2. Cut down on telebabad.

You'd get to see your friends-slash-classmates every single school day so there is no need for you to burn the phone lines over their exciting stories. Reserve telebabad time for a pal you haven't talked to for months (even years!).

3. Cut down on Internet usage.

The long break allowed you to spend ample time updating your blog and accounts, posting in forums, and the like. Lessen the time you devoted to uploading photos and videos. Research will keep you busy online so get your homework done first before "researching" info about your crush!

4. Cut down on sending text messages.

Most networks offer unlimited text services which make it harder to resist! Keep forwarding quotes and jokes in moderation and save some moolah for other things in the process.


5. Cut down on DVD marathons.

Watching episodes of your favorite television series in one sitting is really enjoyable. But you certainly can't afford to pull all-nighters to finish a season now that you have classes! Save it for the weekend as a reward for doing well during school days.

6. Cut down on sleepless nights.

Your waking and sleeping time was probably inconsistent over the summer due to parties and out-of-town trips. Get your body clock back on track by sleeping at a reasonable hour and getting up early enough to prepare for school.

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