2 UP Cum Laudes Weigh in on Whether Latin Honors Matter in the Real World

Ultimately, your grades can't measure what truly matters in life.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 4, 2021
Image: YOUTUBE/Dave Guino
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It's possibly every student's dream and goal to graduate from college with flying colors. Some succeed by graduating with Latin honors, which is a feat to be proud of after years of hard work, persistence, and discipline. 

While students who finish school with Latin honors have every right to be proud of their achievement (#deserved!), there is still the question of whether not graduating with such awards puts you at a disadvantage in the real world. 

YouTuber Dave Guino, who graduated cum laude from University of the Philippines Diliman, invited his friend Estelle, who graduated magna cum laude from the same university, to discuss the real advantages of graduating with Latin honors. Both Dave and Estelle graduated with a degree in Broadcast Communication.

First, the two talked about how they were able to graduate with such achievements and shared a few tips for students aspiring to do the same. "Kailangan talaga magsipag," Estelle shares. "And you have to acknowledge your weaknesses." By knowing your weaknesses, you will be able to acknowledge and address them accordingly and do your best with the rest.


For Dave, who shares that he isn't the masipag type when it comes to academics, part of what made him do well in school is the fact that he enjoyed and really liked the course he took in college. "Kaya kung ano man ang ginagawa ko, ine-enjoy ko siya kahit mag-cram ako ng paper, enjoy ko siyang gawin," Dave says.

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Additionally, the two advise students to just "do your best," because even if you weren't able to achieve your goal, at least you know that you gave it your all. 

On whether graduating with Latin honors helped them in the real world, Estelle shares that there is a certain advantage to being laude. Having that achievement on your resume can help grab the attention of companies you're hoping to apply for. Ultimately, Estelle says that, for her, Latin honors doesn't really matter in the real world. "'Pag nag-start ka nang magtrabaho, start from zero tayo, start from scratch."


Dave also agrees that these achievements don't make much of a difference post-graduation, and stresses that the skills you take with you and the character you've built from your college years are what will ultimately help you in the workforce. "Kasi kahit gaano ka katalino, kung bagsak yung EQ mo, wala rin e." Ultimately, Dave shares that grades can't measure what truly matters in life.

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