Cool! This DLSU Student Is Taking 'Mobile Legends' As Her PE Class

"You can't 'buhat' your team all the way, you have to work together!"
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Sep 29, 2020
Image: YOUTUBE/Desiree Jane
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Imagine if your pastime of playing video games suddenly became part of your academic curriculum. For many student gamers and streamers, it sounds like a dream come true to get graded at something you genuinely enjoy and are good at. 

For DLSU student Desiree Jane and her classmates, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA games have become the "new normal" PE class. Desiree owns a YouTube channel where she posted videos of her experience with playing the popular video game Mobile Legends for class. "Mobile Legends is part of the curriculum of all PE Classes. Students are required to participate in this game," shares Desiree in an e-mail interview with Candy.

On making the decision to turn Mobile Legends into a full-on PE course, Desiree's professor explained that there are aspects of playing the game, like teamwork, decision making, and strategy, that can be beneficial to students and even teachers.


How does it work?

According to Desiree, physical activity is still part of the class. "We are graded based on our attendance as our synchronous classes require us to work out together virtually before playing Mobile Legends (Zoom breakout room with my team). However, we do have consequences when we lose, which is we have to do one set of our workouts again."

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The students, however, are assured that their performance in the game would not be the sole basis for their grades (if you're a video game noob, then this is good news!). They also have home workouts and exercises as part of the grading criteria. "If ever man bulok ako sa ML, mahahatak ko pa yung grades ko," shares Desiree in the vlog.

To be fair to everyone, students who have already achieved the Legend or Mythic ranks in ML on their personal accounts have to start fresh as everyone will be required to create a new account just for the class.


While not everyone in Desiree's class (including her!) is into gaming, it's certainly a new experience they were willing to try. "We were able to learn together and bond more, compared to traditional PE Classes where we do not really 'mingle' with other people aside from your circle. Additionally, I personally enjoy the game. On top of that, I also learned the value of teamwork. You can't 'buhat' your team all the way, you have to work together!"

Watch Desiree's ML experience here:


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