How This College Student Became Editor of Team Payaman's YT Videos

It took three times before he finally got the job.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Oct 7, 2020
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If you spend your free time on YouTube, you might already be aware of the content-creating squad Team Payaman. Cong TV, Junnie Boy, the late Emman NimedezMentos, Bok, and Dudut are among the members who create a variety of content--from humorous GV-inducing vlogs to video game streams. 

But did you know that among the squad's video editors is college student JD Maranan? JD is currently a third year student taking up BS Communications at University of Santo Tomas. Even though it is somewhat related to his course, video editing, along with directing and filmmaking, was something that started out as a hobby for him. 

We talked to JD about his life as a student and his experience working with Team Payaman.

Read his story below:

It took three times before he finally got the job.

Before officially becoming the video editor for Mentos, Bok, and Dudut, JD's first interaction with Team Payaman was actually with the late Emman Nimedez, who was a huge inspo for JD when he was just venturing into filmmaking. "He posted back in 2017 that he was looking for a behind-the-scenes videographer for one of his projects and I hastily commented on that post," JD shares. "He contacted me but sadly I wasn’t able to go to the shoot as it interfered with my academics."

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A second opportunity came for JD when his uncle Angel Amaqui, who is also an editor for Team Payaman, asked him to edit a video for Viyzaar. Due to conflicts in his schedule, however, he was not able to take on the offer.

Third time's the charm for JD, however. "Come August of 2020, when Mentos was looking for an editor, Angel suggested me. They called me and asked me if I could edit Mentos’ vlog. I promptly said yes to the offer.

"My first edit for Mentos was the ODNUS GRAPIK. At this time, I was still testing out the waters and was limited [in terms of] the creativity with what I can do with the raw footage. However, after that vlog was uploaded, they liked my editing style and Mentos gave me the green light to be as creative as I can with how I edit his vlogs."

There's pressure to being an editor of a platform with a rapidly growing fanbase.

The most challenging thing about being an editor for a growing platform like Team Payaman's is the pressure of making sure the videos are entertaining, which is what the online squad is known for. "With the ever growing fanbase of Team Payaman, the videos we put out should be top-notch. It should be entertaining and it should not have any dead air, awkward moments, and the timing should be precise. For every video we put out, it sets the standard for the next video," JD says.


But despite the pressure, JD enjoys the experience. It adds to the satisfaction when the videos he edits makes viewers smile. JD also learns a lot from the process. He says, "Before uploading a video, the vlog goes through a 'screening' process where the members of Team Payaman would first check the video if it needs some revisions or adjustments. But it’s overall fun as there’s a satisfaction that comes with it."


Pursuing side projects as a student is doable, as long as you use your time wisely.

There will be times when your side projects interfere with your academic commitments, but for JD, it's manageable to balance his acads with his passion for directing and his job as Team Payaman's editor. "They respect and acknowledge that I am still a student," shares JD. Time management, along with an understanding set of employers, help JD attend to all his commitments.


The grind never stops.

If there's one thing to learn from JD's journey as a content creator himself, it's probably to keep going. "I’ve been doing vlogs and films since early 2016 but I have only reached 1,000 subscribers recently. And my YouTube channel still continues to grow. I wouldn’t be able to achieve any of my goals if I stopped," he shares.



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