This College Student Freelances As a Video Editor for Kris Bernal's Vlogs

She also works with big brands like Lazada and SM.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Oct 31, 2020
Image: Courtesy of Jade Alaoria
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Nowadays, students are finding ways to pursue their passions and improve on their skills, all while staying true to their academic commitments. One such student is Jade Alaoria, who is currently a college junior, an artist, a video editor, and a YouTuber. In 2020, Jade got the chance to work with popular celebrities and big brands, giving her not only extra allowance but also some much needed industry experience. Read more about Jade here:

She was supposed to take a completely different course.

Back when she was still in senior high school, Jade was actually thinking of pursuing a medicine-related course in college. "But soon after, we had a lot of activities that required video editing so it is when I realized how much I enjoyed doing it," Jade says. Ultimately, Jade decided to take up Communications, a course that's broad enough for her to explore the realm of video editing and filmmaking.


She started freelancing because she needed the money.

While it was something she's passionate about, video editing also spontaneously became Jade’s source of income during the pandemic. Because she wasn’t getting any allowances due to class suspensions brought about by the pandemic, Jade needed to find a way to earn some cash for herself. “Around April 2020, my phone broke. I badly wanted and needed a new one but I had no allowance,” Jade says. “My friend happened to see Kris Bernal’s Instagram post [saying] that she is on the hunt for video editors to edit her vlogs.

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“I emailed her my CV and my portfolio and to my surprise, she responded! Two days after my email, I received a text saying, ‘Hi! Is this Jade Clarisse? :) This is Kris Bernal.’ And at first I thought that someone was pranking me or whatever. Eventually, I replied for a confirmation that it is me who owns the number. Then, she started talking about my application, asked me a few questions about the job first, then we agreed to do a test edit before anything else.”


More opportunities came after that.

Jade’s first project for Kris was her MOM DID MY MAKEUP vlog, but it wasn’t her last. After her eighth project with her, Kris referred Jade to a friend who happened to own JPI Entertainment. She’s been freelancing for the company ever since, working on projects for clients like Hellmann’s, Lazada, and SM.


As a freelancer, Jade needed to be flexible.

Working on vlogs for celebrity clients is totally different from working on projects for established brands. “With Kris Bernal’s vlogs, I get to enjoy my creative freedom and would just do revisions after that. With the brands, I have to strictly follow the guidelines. All projects require certain things (branding, content, etc.) so if I were to be honest, I’ve got to say that with freelancing, I was able to do stuff I never did before.

It’s rewarding but also challenging.

It's always a pleasure to be able to do what you love, but that doesn't mean you won't have a hard time. "You know at times, writers have this writer’s block. Same goes for us as well. There are times when I feel like I do not have as much creative juices, so it feels like I do not have much confidence in my work." 


Managing one's schedule can also get challenging, especially because Jade is a college student, first and foremost. Still, she makes sure to dedicate some time for things outside of work and acads, like helping out at home and making videos for her YouTube channel.

"I started making Youtube videos to have time dedicated for myself that is not related to academics or work, but still [lets me] enhance my editing skills," shares Jade. "I only have 500 subscribers at the moment (which I am already thankful for). As a creator, you have to know the value of your craft and believe it. Because then nobody could tell you any less of it, and nobody could ever tell you to stop learning."


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