College Courses You Didn't Know Can Get You Into Law School

There are other courses that can help you prepare for its rigorous curriculum.
by The Candy Staff   |  Nov 25, 2020
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Those planning to pursue law in the future often start preparation early by making sure they take a pre-law course in college. Although it has its own advantages, Political Science isn’t the only course that can get you into law school. There are other courses that can help you prepare for its rigorous curriculum.

According to the Legal Education Board, you can be admitted into the Juris Doctor program as long as you earn a bachelor's degree and have earned at least 18 units in English, six units in Mathematics, and 18 units of social science subjects. Most courses considered as pre-law will have these units incorporated in their curriculum. If your course does not let you meet the necessary units, you can opt to take extra subjects.

And if you ultimately decide not to pursue law, however, these degrees can also help you pursue a career in different fields. Here are other courses you can take if you’re planning to pursue law in the future:


AB Journalism

The proposed curriculum of the Commission on Higher Education for Journalism includes 21 units of English, 15 units of mathematics, and around 18 units of social sciences. It also aims to help students of the program to develop effective oral and written communication in English and Filipino--an important skill to master for aspiring law students.

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AB Communications

Just like Journalism, Communications involve a rigorous training for oral and written communication. It also aims to expose students to other fields in social sciences and humanities. Its proposed curriculum also includes up to 27 units of English, 15 units of mathematics, and 18 units of social sciences.

AB Philosophy

A course in Philosophy is intended to help its students develop critical and creative thinking, foster the ability to reach a sound judgement, and expand their skills in research. Most of the courses in its proposed curriculum focus on philosophy and other social sciences.

AB Economics

A degree in Economics should be able to help students establish a comprehensive understanding of economic theory, successfully communicate economic arguments, and uphold high standards in analyzing and interpreting economic data. While most of the courses in its proposed curriculum cater to social sciences subjects, it also involves units in various subjects in mathematics.


AB Psychology

Through the Psychology program, students can develop a deeper understanding of psychological theories and concepts and how these are applied in a social and cultural context. They also get immersed in research and are drilled to demonstrate sensitivity to cross cultural differences. Its proposed curriculum includes courses in mathematics and social sciences.

BS Mathematics

While mathematics may not be the first to come to mind when we think of pre-law courses, there are a handful of math majors that end up pursuing law. Through the program, students will also be able to develop communication skills, logical reasoning, generalization, and abstraction. Its proposed curriculum contains units in English, mathematics, and social sciences. 


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