Cla the Toy Collector

Who says toy collecting is just for kids? Check out how Cla takes her hobby to the next level.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Oct 13, 2008
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Cla Ines, 25
Toy Collector

What got you started on collecting toys?
I've always loved toys, but I didn't start collecting seriously until I encountered a little toy called Treeson on the Internet.

What is the 365 Project?
You take a photo (of yourself or anything) every day for one year.

Why did you choose to do your 365 Project around toys?
One of my friends, who is into toys herselfminvited me to a Flickr group called the 365 Toy Project. I'd always wanted to do Project 365, but taking photos of toys instead of myself would be the perfect set-up for me. I'd rather be behind the camera than in front of it.

Where do you get the ideas for the scenarios you shoot?
I pick up ideas from books, movies, magazines... everywhere! Sometimes, my mind tends to wander during my commute home, and I just get ideas out of nowhere.

What other toys do you have on your wish list?
I still want the very first Treeson that was released. It pops up on eBay every now and then but the bids are unbelievably high!


What tips do you have for Candy Girls who would like to start a toy collection of their own?
Toys aren't just for kids! They're not just meant for play. Use them to trigger your imagination, to inspire you when you're feeling uncreative. And just have fun with them. Pose them, photograph them, anything goes. Toys are a reminder of our happy childhood days. It's always nice to hang on to that childlike sense of wonder as we grow older.

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To see more of Cla's 265 Toy Project, visit her photostream here.

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