Torn Between Your Dream School vs. Dream Course? This Might Help You Decide

There's no right or wrong answer!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Aug 26, 2020
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Let’s be real, not everyone gets the chance to take up their dream course at their dream college. Maybe your dream school isn’t offering the course you want to pursue, maybe you got accepted for your dream degree at a different college, or maybe you got in your ideal school but with a different course. Regardless of the situation, it’ll leave you feeling torn AF.

When you can’t have the best of both worlds, you’ll have to make a crucial decision that will define the rest of your college years. Will you pursue your dream course or will you choose your dream school? Sa totoo lang, there’s no right or wrong answer! Your choice will depend on your situation, and once you make a decision, it’s up to you to make the most out of it.

If you’re too indecisive (we like to call it “thoroughly weighing the pros and the cons”), maybe hearing from other students’ experiences might help enlighten your own situation.


Maybe going with your dream school is ideal if...

The environment and college culture matters to you.

Every university has its own unique culture that you’ll get to immerse in for at least four years. Some students feel like they'd be more comfortable with a certain school's environment compared to others. Which is why it makes sense for some students to take the school environment into consideration when deciding. For @flyyhighgee, “[I’d choose my] dream school so I can be happy with the environment, which will help me appreciate the course.” The same goes with @joannaaajose, who answered, “Dream school. Choosing my environment is better.”

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You’re unsure of what you want or you’re more open to learning about new things.

Not everyone gets to figure out what they want to do right off the bat. If you’re unsure of what you want to do, your school and college environment can actually help you find your ~true calling~. Similarly, some people just learn to appreciate the course they’re in, even if it wasn’t what they wanted to pursue originally. You’ll never really know if a course is for you until you get to experience what it’s like to study it. This is the case for @sofiajahrling, who said she’d rather choose her dream school because, “You learn to love what you do.”


Maybe going with your dream course is ideal if...

You’ve found something you enjoy doing.

For others, things just fall into their rightful places, just as how they’ve found a course or career path that they’re passionate about. “I will choose my dream course,” @bethanycatubig says. “The school doesn’t matter as long as you are doing what you love.”

After all, doing things you enjoy makes the tasks seem less overwhelming. The same goes for “College will be [more] bearable if you are studying for the subjects/classes that you like :),” says @_justleooo.

You're sure you know you'll be doing this for a long time.

If you're pretty certain that your course will lead you to an industry that you can see yourself in for years and years, then maybe it's better to devote your studies to it. “You don’t study something if you don’t envision yourself doing it for the long run," shares @theiacordero. "Your school may sound prestigious but it is just the same with other schools. In the end, it is all about how the student worked hard for the dreams they actually seek to explore."


The things you learn from your course are forever.

In four or five years, you'll graduate and leave your school behind. But everything you've learned from your dream course, you'll be bringing with you, whichever field or industry you choose to pursue after college. "Magtatapos ka sa school, pero ipagpapatuloy mo yung napili mong career,” says @joseyaaa. 

*Answers have been edited for clarity.


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