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Find the blogging style that suits you best. Let these über cool bloggers inspire you!
by Chinggay Labrador   |  Dec 13, 2005
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We've pored over an endless number of Xangas, Blogspots, Live-journals, and Tabulas to give you the most quirky, most unique, most entertaining, and the most nispired blogs on the World Wide Web. Here's our own rundown of the best blogs on the Internet-to inspire you and open your mind to lots of possibilities!

Tiepee Pura

"Purple's my favorite color and I was eating chocolate at that time-that's how I came up with the name!" she says. Tiepee, 21, gives readers a sneak peek into day-to-day incidents that keep her "hippie at heart" life ultra colorful. She writes about funny incidents that happen to her and reviews everything from makeup to movies.

Tiepee's cool sense of humor and wacky take on everyday life is what makes her trademar stories a great read for everyone-makeup devotees, music lovers, and everyday, average Candy girls, of course.

Maita Ponce

"My blog's name came from Moulin Rouge," says Maita. Maita, an artist at heart, writes about theater, her love of photography, makeup, insights from her professors, events she's been to, and even just crazy moments with friends.

With a packed schedule that consists of academics as well as several plays, Maita's got a lot of material to write about. The actress, also dabbles about makeup. "I started reading Preview, and Xeng Zulueta became my idol," Maita says. "What's funny is, she actually left a comment on my blog!"

It's almost definite that this multi-talented girl will go far in this world-it's great that we can all be part of her ride through life through her spectaculah blog!

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