Celeb Spotting: 12 Embarrassing Moments

When star sightings turn sour, don't you wish you could yell "Cut!" and re-do the scene?
  |  Feb 19, 2012
compiled by Mheems Enriquez and MM de Mesa; illustration by Nicole Lim
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R&B singer Jay-R is the uncle of my best friend. Once, I went to his studio to meet up with my friend who just finished her voice lessons with Jay-R himself. I mocked her and proceeded to imitate Jay-R’s singing style. We couldn’t stop laughing. Imagine my surprise when I discovered he was still in the room! I couldn’t look him in the eye afterwards. —Cha, 19

What a Sight!

I decided to go to the dugout while waiting for my favorite basketball team to play. I was hanging outside the door of the Coca-Cola Tigers' bunker, when one of the players opened it. I was shocked when I saw Gerard Francisco half-naked, covered only with a white towel. He caught me ogling his abs then said, "Oy, sarado n'yo nga 'yan!" Oops! —Cessy, 19

Wrong Side Up

I was on my way to the mall’s second floor when I saw my celeb crush, Drew Arellano! He was on his way down, so I hurriedly rushed down to catch up with him. While chasing him, the people I bumped into threw mean looks at me. That was when I realized I was excitedly going down an upward-moving escalator! —Jessie, 23

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