6 Young Artists From Cebu You Need To Follow On Instagram

Here are some of The Queen City of the South's up-and-coming young creatives!
by Anya Nellas   |  Jan 14, 2020
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Recently hailed by UNESCO as a “Creative City of Design,” Cebu continues to take the spotlight with its vibrant art scene and vast pool of creators. Here are some of The Queen City of the South’s up-and-coming young creatives you’ll want to check out.

Bea Mahusay, 19

Instagram: @biyalokal


Grade 12 – Southwestern University PHINMA (school of design + communication)

Apart from being skilled in both traditional and digital art, Bea is best known for her online artisan shop BIYA LOKAL, where she sells banig bags she handpaints herself. Starting out as a summer project, her business slowly grew with the aim of promoting local art and supporting homegrown weavers. Her vibrant product designs reflect her eye for botanical art and her love for the flora around Cebu.

Bea aspires to create more platforms and safe spaces for young creatives to express themselves through art and design.

Rey Allan Orlanes, Jr., 21

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Instagram: @mrorlanes

BFA Advertising Arts, University of San Carlos, 2019

Artistically inclined since his younger years, Rey has always enjoyed creating—a passion which shows in his vibrant and childlike art style. Specializing in illustration, he gets inspiration for his art from nature, pop culture, and art history, often creating connections from far-off subjects, with the aim of showing people new perspectives.

Rey currently works in an ad agency and does freelance on the side, and he hopes to be able to make more personal art and collaborate with other artists.

Fleur Puao, 23


Instagram: @peonyonfire

Graduated Associate in Arts, UP Open University, 2019; currently applying for a local art school

Fleur has gained quite a following for her fresh and vivid illustrations. Her art is a mashup of numerous influences, from her childhood heroes such as W.I.T.C.H., to her favorite anime and Disney movies. She also gets inspiration from her idols in the illustration industry such as Loish and Wouter Toup. She loves drawing people and creating characters, always interested in the stories that come with them.

She’s currently working on drawing characters that exhibit local culture with Western influences. Apart from accepting commissions, Fleur also has some of her prints and stickers sold at Dear Paper in Mandaue City, Cebu.

Joyce Belasoto, 21


Instagram: @laru4n

4th year - Fine Arts, University of the Philippines – Cebu

Known for her distinct illustrations and mastery of different art styles, Joyce’s ever-evolving work is always fun to keep up with. After exploring realism and other genres, she is currently leaning towards creative lineart and graphic illustrations, having been inspired by the works of several Japanese and Filipino illustrators. She takes a lot of artistic inspiration from mundane things she encounters in her daily routine or in public.

Joyce hopes to be able do some solo exhibitions for her art in the future and collaborate with her favorite brands. As a fine arts student, she considers art her therapy, and always makes time for drawing in her daily routine.

Jon Ahmed Durano, 22


Instagram: @jon.amens

BFA Advertising Arts, University of San Carlos, 2018

Always exploring boundaries as a visual artist, Jon considers his art as highly experimental, mixing influences from photography, illustration, and graphic design. Apart from getting inspiration from music like hip-hop, jazz, and lo-fi, Jon also gets ideas from philosophy, transforming his interpretations into unique, visual formats.

Currently working as a co-founder and creative director of an independent design studio, Jon hopes to learn and experience more in order to spark ideas, innovation, and progress as an artist, while enjoying the process.

Winona Chan, 22


Instagram: @wnonaa_

BFA Advertising Arts, University of San Carlos, 2018

Winona’s soft yet whimsical art is the burst of sunshine you need on your IG feed. As a work-from-home freelancer, she specializes in illustration, while dabbling in animation from time to time. She gets a lot of inspiration from films, music, daydreams, and real life events, and describes her art style as somewhere between anime and cartoons, a result of heavy influence from both.

Apart from accepting commissions, she’s also sold her art at conventions, having recently tabled at ARCHcon Cebu’s Artist Alley. Winona’s goal is to keep improving her skills as a creator and produce more art along the way.

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