Here’s Where You Can Make Extra Cash From The Things That Remind You Of Your Ex

Unti-unti ka na ngang nakaka-move on, nagkakapera ka pa.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 14, 2020
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Do you ever just feel a certain way whenever you see the things that belonged to or came from your ex? That graphic tee you once borrowed from them, a pricey perfume they gifted you but you never got to open, or that fancy token-of-love necklace similar to what Peter Kavinsky gave Lara Jean—there’s just so much unwanted feels. 

Instead of going through the woes of your breakup every time you see these things, why not get rid of them entirely? To reiterate what the great Marie Kondo once said, don’t keep it if it no longer sparks joy. You might think that people get too senti to let go of tiny trinkets from an ex, but based on an in-app survey conducted by Carousell, nine out of 10 people are actually willing to get rid of their ex’s belongings, and for various reasons. According to the survey, 40 percent of the respondents said they’d let go of their exes’ gifts because they also “want to let go of the past,” 32 percent said they’d do so because they “want to declutter,” while 14 percent said they “want to earn extra cash.” All three of the mentioned reasons make SO much sense, but if it was you, which one would you relate to the most?

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If you identify with the 14 percent that said they want the extra moolah (big SAME), online marketplaces like Carousell are a hassle-free way to make extra money from your heartbreak. Unti-unti ka na ngang nakaka-move on, nagkakapera ka pa. Win-win!

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