Candy Girls Care: 4 Causes You Can Support

by Jelena Tiu   |  Feb 1, 2015
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There’s no better way to be an ultimate Candy Girl than to give back and be part of the bigger picture! If you’ve got a little spark in you ready to be fueled by the drive to reach out to those who need it, then these causes can hopefully give just that! The world is in need of passionate, service-driven individuals such as yourself so take your time in picking a cause close to your heart and doing the best that you can to fulfill it. Volunteerism is a click away!

  1. National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP)
    Being a student isn’t only about going to school and participating in class. It’s also about empowering your fellow students, applying the lessons that you learn in the bigger scheme of things, and in turn giving our underprivileged youth a shot at a good education. If you’re strong-willed, patriotic, and a firm believer in students’ rights, the National Union of Students of the Philippines or NUSP is built on students just like you! NUSP invites student councils and organizations across the country to participate in their goal of unifying students for a better Philippines. NUSP seeks to empower and aid in social change through its various leadership campaigns and opportunities such as Rev Up Philippines (Student Rights Week/International Students Day) and Edgar Jopson (EdJop) Education and Training Center for Students (sector-based immersions).
  2.  Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
    Animal lovers unite! The Philippine Animal Welfare Society or PAWS is a registered non-profit organization that believes in the humane treatment of animals of all species. Put your deep, profound love for animals to good use by joining in the cause and promoting the importance of animals in our environment. The PAWSibilities of a good life and loving environment for these adorable and wonderful animals are endless!
  3. Greenpeace
    Climate change is at an alarming, rapid pace and yet, urbanization, high-rise condominiums and multi-level shopping malls are still being built despite the scarcity of space around the metro. Greenpeace aims to create a more sustainable and healthy Earth and promote the importance of environmental preservation. Picture this: Lush greeneries, exotic rainforests, and beautiful, untouched beaches and waterfalls. The world is such a beautiful place to live in and Greenpeace is there to remind us just that.
  4.  Teach for the Philippines
    Education should always be a right and not a privilege. Teach for the Philippines is a non-profit organization that recruits the nation’s most brilliant and passionate leaders to take part in their cause for a sustainable public school education. Although you must be a college graduate to take part in this movement, it is definitely a vocation to keep in mind especially when a cause this important is in need of a brilliant mind and a bigger heart. Teach for the Philippines have touched many lives and will continue to push the public school system to its potential. Who knows, you just might save a life with the power of education.

What other causes are you willing to join? Just tweet us @candymagdotcom or leave a comment below and let's talk!

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