Every Candy Girl's Handy Guide for the Year Ahead

What fate foretells and other handy, practical advice for the next 12 months.
by Chinggay Labrador   |  Jan 16, 2015
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Card: The Empress

Mantra: Create your own future.

You're kicking the year off with this hyper-creative vibe—just bursting with ideas for projects, extra-curriculars and plans you've made with friends. The holidays have pulled you out of a rut and now, your creative juices are stirring like mad.

And whatever your definition of feminism is? You're emanating it like a strong, powerful superhuman. You've got this great knack for manifesting whatever it is you want to happen in your life. Asking that guy to prom? You've got confidence to pull it off smoothly. Thinking up a campaign for next year’s student council elections? You've got everything covered to make it come true. You’re your own fairy godmother. This amazing feminine power plus your extra creativity this month makes it a very potent time of year to get the impossible done.

Spirit animal: Beyoncé

Power song: "Bo$$" by Fifth Harmony



Card: King of Pentacles

Mantra: I'm the king of my castle.

You're the boss of your life this month. That means you can kick up your feet and rest easy because you're in control of everything. You know that feeling when everything just falls into place and clicks? Somehow you’ve been able to secure that—your room is nice and tidy, all the schoolwork is covered, everything’s good in the friends and family front.

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People sense your authority—it's a good time to step up in group work and volunteer to head projects. Your group mates won't give you a hard time because you know how to lay down the law (and still be well loved).

Show the people you love some extra care and protection. If your little sis needs to stand up to a bully, come straight to her defense and let them know no one messes with you.


Spirit animal: Katniss Everdeen

Power song: "Royals" by Lorde


Card: The Sun

Mantra: Life is good.

You're feeling the season from your head to your toes. You're feeling on top of your game—almost sensing a bit of pre-emptive nostalgia because you know that the next months aren't going to be as great as life is right now.

Get out of your head and instead of carving out memories for your future, live in the now and enjoy. You're at the peak of your life—get out of the house and explore the endless slew of summer activities in front of you. Maybe the parents will even say yes to an out of town adventure for you and your friends (no harm in asking!).

It's also the perfect time for some summer loving. Get out of super serious relationship mode and go crazy with your current love, or if you’re single, lighten up and mingle.


Spirit animal: Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Power song: "Rather Be" by Jasmine Thompson


Card: 9 of Cups

Mantra: Ask and you shall receive.

You're feeling super giddy right now. It's a great time to be in love—whether that means wallpapering your room with posters of your current celebrity heartthrob (still high over the 1D concert, perhaps?), meeting someone new and having things moving along super well, or just being kilig over how well things are going with your boyfriend.

And that giddiness extends way past romantic relationships. Your general good mood over things is crossing over and affecting all those surrounding you too. Sure, there may be bad days (time of the month can tend to suck…), but you're not letting that pull you down because you can't help but feel the love all around.

It's this positive vibe you’re putting out that tickles Lady Luck and makes her extra generous to you. You’ll find that most things you ask for—you get.


Spirit animal: New Girl's Jessica Day

Power song: "Bloom" by The Paper Kites


Card: The Hermit

Mantra: Fancy a little down time?

Even the most outlandish extroverts need some quality me time every now and then. This is the month for you to let the social engagements taper off for a moment so you can spend some time alone. Think of this month as a way to recharge your batteries—spend some time turning your room into a luxurious home spa. Have some nice pampering time before going to bed with facemasks, hair masks, or at home mani-pedis. Give yourself the beauty rest you need—you need it after all the time you've spent going out.

It's time to think of starting a journal too—sometimes we get so busy with our friends and school that we’re too busy to listen to our own thoughts and find the wisdom they hold.


Spirit animal: Effie Trinket

Power song: "Let Me In" by Grouplove


Card: Page of Wands

Mantra: It's time to be a kid again.

Here's the thing about the teenage years—you may be given some privileges but your parents like to hold the reins like you're still a child. You might feel stifled, especially when you're desperate to join your friends on a Saturday night. It’s okay to reason out that you don't need a chaperone but sometimes it's also good to see the value in still being your parents' little girl.

Seek the pros of being a kid instead of dwelling on the cons. Kids aren't afraid to dream and color outside the lines. Maybe getting older has taught you to follow the crowd and forget your unique quirks. Revisit your imagination. The freedom you're looking for might be outside but the carefree quality that being childlike can offer is not too shabby.


Spirit animal: Jennifer Lawrence

Power song: "Cool Kids" by Echosmith


Card: King of Swords

Mantra: I know best.

You know exactly what you want and you're not standing for anything less. You might seem a little harsh to others who don’t agree with you, but you're truly beaming with confidence in what you know and what you believe in. In an argument with your mom about that curfew? Chances are, you're going to win (and win big).

It's also time to set your plans into motion. You're a mastermind at figuring out how to get your forever crush to ask you out—be fearless now because you've got the mental goods to get you there.

Take care at how you parade your points of view around—other people might find you a tad aggressive. Temper your assertiveness with some subtlety so you don't offend anyone.

Spirit animal: Tris Prior


Power song: "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon


Card: Seven of Swords

Mantra: Watch your back.

You've got yourself a great group of girlfriends. The thing about girl friends? They can be extra catty. Be on your tiptoes, especially when it comes to who your real pals are. Watch out for anyone who’s hiding her two-faced qualities behind a goody-two shoes façade!

On that note, it's also time to give yourself a Mean Girls assessment. Are you pulling a Regina George with your friends and are you making frenemies of them instead? Sure, even our best friends can annoy us at times, but are you making too big a deal of it and is your ranting becoming backstabbing instead?

Be careful about who you confide in and who you tell your secrets to. Trust is key in any relationship and you don't want to create ties with anyone who seems shady to you. Secure your passwords and lock up your journal!


Spirit animal: Bianca, the DUFF

Power song: "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift


Card: Page of Swords

Mantra: Stay curious, question everything.

You're going through this stage where whatever worked before just doesn't seem to make any sense to you now. Whenever life becomes iffy to you—even if you can't seem to explain why things don't seem right, know that you've got the right to ask "why." If your parents' rules are becoming too stifling, raise a discussion with them and communicate how you feel. If your boyfriend's Clash of Clans habit is just plain disturbing to you, go ahead and ask him why the heck he’s So. Into. That. Game. Even in class—when your teacher goes off on a Geometry tangent and you just don’t get it? Schedule an after-school one on one with her.

It's time to get to the bottom of whatever's nagging you. And if it's your inability to speak up for yourself that you can't seem to get through, ask yourself why it's difficult to communicate. Knowing is the first step!


Spirit animal: Rosie Dunne

Power song: "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran


Card: The Moon

Mantra:  Be your own dreamcatcher.

Each of us has a wealth of feelings, ideas and knowledge locked away in our unconscious—and a lot of times, the only way to access this is through our dreams. Now's the time to become more sensitive to what's going on beneath the surface—whether that's in the special friendship you share with your best guy friend, or how you don't seem to fit in with any clique in school. Many of the answers to the problems we have aren't too hard to find if we learn to look in the right places.

Keeping a dream journal can help you figure out why you always act a certain way when it comes to your family, or why you feel miserable when you’re out with your friends even when everyone seems to be having a good time.


Spirit animal: Kendall Jenner

Power song: "Wildest Dreams" by Taylor Swift


Card: The Chariot

Mantra: It's all up to you.

There are times when it’s better to play it safe, and there are times when you feel an impulse to make a risky decision. Now is that time! If you never venture out of your comfort zone, you're never going to discover new places, find your hidden talents, or meet fantastic new people. Consider the possibilities that certain risk can bring you.

Remember that failure is also one of the possibilities that loom in front of you when you take a risk, but keep your chin up and stay determined. Be prepared for swiftly moving success!

Everyone's got some source of inspiration, a mentor or a friend who plays an influential role in the choices one makes. Now is the time to use all you’ve taken from these people and make your very own, unique, individual decisions.


Spirit animal: Frozen's Elsa or Anna

Power song: "Anything Could Happen" by Ellie Goulding


Card: Two of Pentacles

Mantra: I can juggle with my eyes closed.

The holidays are a pretty crazy time. Everyone's busy keeping up with finals, running through shopping lists, and attending not just school, but also the endless slew of parties, family reunions, and get-togethers. Take a deep breath and know that you can tackle everything as long as you master the art of balance.

While it may be tempting to just throw everything to chance and concentrate solely on the fun festivities, it’s time to hunker down and get serious. Be more conscientious about To-Do Lists, Christmas gift lists, and writing out Thank You cards. Really milk that last month of your 2015 planner for all its worth so you're sure you don’t miss any chance to maximize your time—whether that means scheduling a Kris Kringle, going to simbang gabi, or spending time with family.


Spirit animal: Emma Watson

Power song: "Flawless" by Beyoncé

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