Why Friendship Breakups Are Heartbreaking

It shakes your world.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jul 8, 2017
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Friendship breakups. They're the kind of breakup that doesn't get that much attention, but it hurts and devastates in the same way as relationship breakups.

Suddenly not having a friend you used to share anything and everything with will shake your world and your daily routine. All of a sudden, you don't have someone you can message memes to or send super babaw or sabaw messages to. You also don't have someone to watch B-movies with or someone who listens to all the reasons why you and Ross Butler are meant to be. 

But don't worry, Candy Girls, because you're not the only one who feels that kind of pain for losing a friend. These girls shared their stories with us about friendship breakups and how sometimes, it will still keep you up at night. 

Elle Lee: When Your High School Friends Become Strangers

On the first day of our senior year, we all swore that we'd never change. The day we saw our entrance exams' results, we told each other we'd never forget. On our high school graduation, our words and tears assured us of our friendship—that it was something we were sure would last forever and stand the test of time. Summer bondings helped us reminisce our past years together. We made a pact never to lose contact.

But I guess our words were just as good as letters written on a beach. The big wave, a.k.a. college, swept away all the promises we made in high school.

As months passed by, messages were fewer, meet-ups almost never happened. We could blame our schedules and even the distance between us. But let's face it, we are to blame for the drifting apart.

Abby Pel: This Is How I Break Up with You, My Best Friend

Allow me to slowly let go of these memories. Allow me to apologize for hurting you. I've tried to explain myself already but I know that I'm not really good with words, my actions can be extremely offensive. I will never be able to explain how this is hurting me and how I know I made very stupid decisions and uttered stupid words for you to see and understand things differently. I hope you also understand that not everyone's courageous and confrontational like you.

We have our differences which I thought was the best thing about our friendship. Apparently, these differences will also be the reason to break us apart.

Maybe if we were in a different phase of our lives, maybe if I said the right words, you would've understood, but we're not and I didn't. This is a reality and an ending I have to face already. The damage has been done.


Bianca: You Were the Best Friend I Used to Have

I got tired of having to tell you how I feel, yet you're not even doing anything to save our friendship.

I loved you but it's time to move on. Can you believe that my friends were happy when they found out that I'm finally saying goodbye to you? I guess our friendship seemed silly to some because you were hiding it. Anyway, you look a lot happier nowadays and your relationship seems to be a lot better than it was when I was still a part of your life. I guess you're better off without me.

Even after all the pain you've caused me, I still wish you the best and I'll always be here in case you want to reconnect.

We might never talk again after graduation but I would still silently support you in everything you do. Thank you for all the memories that we've had, for sharing all those stories, and for letting me into your life but it's now time to say goodbye. Good luck in college, future King Tiger. #MidnightFever will always be our thing.

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