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"What have you been collecting since you were young and still collect until now?"
  |  Jul 3, 2007
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The Candy eds are into collecting things. How about you?

miac.jpgYoung adult books! I'm STILL hooked on them. It's always the first section I look at when I'm in a bookstore. And I'm always scrounging around in every Books For Less branch, hoping to find something new. Mia, Editor in Chief
mimi.jpgI used to collect anything with dolphins in it (pendants, rings, night lamp-you name it, I have it!), but I've moved on to collecting DVDs of my all-time favorite TV shows. So far, I have original boxed sets of My So-Called Life, Wonderfalls, Felicity, and Roswell. I admit I haven't seen every episode (yet!), but just knowing I have these copies I can view whenever I want make me oh-so happy! —Mimi, Managing Editor
jennie.jpgI used to collect tiny, little perfumed pellets when I was in grade school, and place them in my "pencil box" so it would smell good.  I don't think they sell them anymore, though :< —Jennie, Beauty Editor
angel.jpgI used to be obsessed about Prince William. I would collect magazine photos, articles from the internet, news clippings, and anything I could find about him! Haha! I also collect angel figurines and books because for some reason, people just keep giving me angel items on my birthday and Christmas. Hmm... I wonder why? :) Angel, Assistant Features Editor
marla.jpgIt's no secret that I've always been a huge Harry Potter fan. The series started gaining popularity when I was a freshman in high school, and almost a decade later, my obsession for The Boy Who Lived is still as strong as ever. I have copies of all the books and VCDs/DVDs of all the movies, and I love visiting fansites and searching for HP trivia on the Net. I get completely giddy every time a new HP book or movie is released, so you can imagine how excited I am this month, with Order of the Phoenix scheduled to be shown in cinemas next week, Book 7 coming out on July 21, and Daniel Radcliffe on the cover of Candy's July issue! Potterphiles, unite! Marla, Editorial Assistant
macy.jpgI used to collect anything that was related to angels. I collected candles, figurines, pictures, books, stationery—you name it, I had it! Even my friends always gave me angels as presents. I don't remember when I grew out of it but I just stopped collecting them.—Macy, Web and Mobile Producer
roch.jpgWhen I was still in 2nd Grade, I used to collect Sanrio stuff like Kerokeroppi and Little Twin Star. Everything from my pencil case, bag, notebooks.. It has to be from Giftgate! Oh, how could I forget Tickles' stationaries! Another thing, I can't believe I was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh when I was in First Year High School! All my Christmas gifts from my friends and family were all about Winnie the Pooh! I even got myself a gigantic Pooh stuffed toy from my Aunt in the US. I can still picture my room with Pooh's face all over hehe!:D —Roch, Web and Mobile Producer
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