Can We Take a Moment to Acknowledge Zendaya and Her Classy Attitude Towards Haters?

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Feb 27, 2015
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When we saw Zendaya on the Oscars red carpet, we thought she looked smashing! Gown, hair, makeup, and everything was on-point. So when we read about the comments that Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic made on their post-Oscars show, we were shocked that she would even say that about Zendaya! But we've always loved how the KC Undercover handled herself, so her response was not a complete surprise.


So many people came to Zendaya's defense and singer India Arie (whose song "I am Not My Hair" was part of Zendaya's statement—PS you should totally listen to it) even took to her Tumblr to commend the teen star's response to the criticism about her locs.

Giuliana has since apologized both on Twitter and on air and Zendaya has graciously accepted her apology. But what have we learned from all of this, really? It kind of just put in focus how some of us dish out hateful and offensive comments like it doesn't mean anything. We say whatever's on our mind without really thinking of who we disrespect with our words. We tend to put people into stereotyped boxes, forgetting the fact that not everyone is pegged into a certain mold or template.


So before you even leave another comment on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or your favorite blogs, take a few seconds to consider whether or not you're being offensive to anyone. Because the world doesn't need another basher who spreads hate instead of love.

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