How Being a BS Org Helped These Fresh Grads Land Jobs in Multinational Corporations

Orgs trained them how to answer interview questions with utmost confidence.
by Sharleen Estrella   |  Aug 28, 2021
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Courtesy of Patricia Aquino, Courtesy of Shania Felizarta
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Undoubtedly, the next inevitable destination after college is the “real world.” Although adults have already given us ideas of what it is like through their stories, it is still very different to experience it ourselves. As such, it is through org experiences that gave fresh grads Shan, Aqui, and Konni a glimpse of what the “real world” would beeven if it’s just a portion of it.

Shania Felizarta, or Shan, is a fresh graduate of BS Communications Technology Management from Ateneo de Manila University. She was a member of Ateneo CODE, Ateneo ACTM, COA-M, and Ateneo Kythe. Currently, she’s a Brand Manager in a multinational fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) corporation.

Patricia Aquino, or Aqui, is a 21-year-old Management Trainee for a multinational FMCG here in the Philippines. She is a BS Management Engineering graduate from Ateneo de Manila University and was involved in orgs, including Management Engineering Association (MEA) and Council of Organizations of the Ateneo - Manila (COA-M) (to the point she had 12 orgs in sophomore year!).

Konni Delos Reyes graduated as an Honorable Mention in the course of BS Management, on top of being a BS Org ever since he was a freshman. He was the President of Ateneo’s premier organization for entrepreneurship, Ateneo Management Association (AMA), and the TNT Co-Head and Organizing Committee Member for the university’s largest student-led event, OrSem. Now, he is a Brand Manager at a top FMCG company.*

Below, they share their experiences with us and how these helped them land their current jobs at multinational corporations. 

Here’s how being a BS Org helped them land their current jobs: 

Orgs trained them how to answer interview questions with utmost confidence, which helped them in landing their jobs.

Before you land a job, one of the first few steps that you’ll go through is a series of interviews. Interviews are set for employers to get to know you more and to further explain yourself outside your resume. According to Konni, Shan, and Aqui, orgs trained them to answer interview questions with confidence and precision through project applications. And eventually, those helped them in acing actual job interviews. 


Shan further explained, “Literally, my org experience has helped me land the job that I have now because I am able to answer questions interviewers would like to know about you - how you deal with conflict, with people, and with unforeseen challenges that come your way. Aside from that, you become more confident in the value you bring to the company [...] and you become much more intentional about the space you take up. I think this is applicable wherever you go!”

Orgs taught them project management that goes hand-in-hand in their respective jobs. 

Usually, when working in corporations, project management is one of the critical skills needed to run the business smoothly. Likewise, project management is also one of the lessons taken up in a business course. Yes, we’ll have textbooks that can teach us frameworks we can follow, but this skill requires real-life situations to put academic theories into practice. According to fresh grads Shan and Aqui, during their time with orgs, they have developed project management that is now greatly applicable in their current roles.

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For Shan, “I wouldn’t have learned how to maneuver around Gantt Charts, how to organize multiple moving parts, if it weren’t for my org experience. The Excel skills are such a huge plus!” where she now uses these Excel skills to accomplish projects as a Brand Manager. Meanwhile, for Aqui, “It was my time as a core member in different projects where I learned the basics of logistics […] and how to automate online tools and spreadsheets,” and currently, as a Management Trainee, these are some of the important skills she needs.

There is a decision to be made that involves various stakeholders in their everyday work, and orgs have developed them to be strategic decision-makers. 

Aside from project management, the art of strategic decision-making is another thing to take note of. As presidents of their respective orgs, Konni and Aqui were subjected to many critical experiences that involved high-stakes decision-making while efficiently leading multiple teams to deliver the best output possible. With this, it trained them how to work under pressure effectively. 


Now, as new hires for multinational corporations, it's something they do every day. And bringing their org experiences to the workplace really helped them easily transition to corporate life. Aqui shared, “I find myself being more comfortable working with new people and always seeking strategies to effectively get the work done.” And as for Konni, “It [org] did provide me with a strong work ethic, a strategic approach to decision-making, and an ability to work in collaborative environments, which enabled me to learn and lead in an extremely fast-paced environment.” 

After knowing some of the ~actual~ benefits of being a BS Org and how they have helped fresh grads Shan, Aqui, and Konni in landing a job, would you start considering the BS Org life? Well, it’s still up to you! But before you come up with a decision, let me share with you what Shan told me, “Take in the full experience. […] Minsan kailangan din 'yan, and you never know that experience might make for a good story in the future! No joke, though: my prof landed a job in a corporation by telling the story about the most challenging first date he’s ever had.


And with that, maybe one of your org experiences can be the next best-selling story that could land you in your dream job or your dream company. You’ll never know! However, don’t pressure yourself if you aren’t active with orgs. In the end, you must remember that that isn’t exactly the only route to achieve your career dreams and goals. We all have our own different ways to reach our destination

*Due to the privacy policies set by their companies, the company’s names will be kept confidential. 


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