Body Positivity 101

Learn to love the skin you're in.
by Kina Velasco   |  Jul 8, 2016
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In this day and age, it remains inevitable for us, especially as young adults, to degrade our own bodies. With the surging popularity of social media, an increasing number of us are constantly comparing ourselves to other seemingly flawless human beings.

There are definitely days where we pick ourselves apart and analyze every single thing we wish we could change. However, body shaming and devaluing our own bodies by setting them side by side with others isn't doing any of us a favor. We only get one body, so why spend our lives hating it? Obsessing over the desire to change our appearance is only going to make us miserable. Tell yourself that, even though there might be others skinnier, prettier or curvier than you—you are the only you, and that's amazing.

Whether you are a size 0 or size 20, all body types should be celebrated, as each is uniquely beautiful, cliché as it sounds. Whenever you feel like saying something negative about your body, immediately change into a positive thought. Instead of "My stomach isn't flat", go with "My body may not be perfect but that doesnst mean it's any less beautiful."


On top of this, let's not forget that health should be prioritized over appearance. Swapping our meals with healthy alternatives and heading to the gym more often are great, though it is necessary to remember that either way all bodies are equally amazing. Rather than saying "I need to go on a diet to be skinny," go with "I'm going to eat healthy to feel better!"

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We can easily take inspiration from body positivity promoting celebs such Demi Lovato, whose Instagram is a MUST follow for encouraging confidence.


At the end of the day, what matters most is that we are comfortable with our own bodies and recognize that beauty doesn’t come in just one specific shape or size.

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