The Best People To Talk To If You Can't Talk Or Be Open To Your Parents

You don't have to keep it in just because you can't open up to your parents.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Apr 18, 2020
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When you were a child and your sibling and/or a random child in the playground is making you cry, kanino ka magsusumbong? Our best guess would probably be one of your parents. Cue that long “mama” or “papa” cry that every kid seems to say in the same intonation.

Somewhere down the line of growing up, though, calling out for help from our parents seemed hard to do for many of us. Even if majority of us are at home with our parents during the lockdown, talking to them about major things can seem super daunting. Not that we don’t trust them anymore, but maybe we’re not just ready to open up to them about certain issues and life updates, which is totally understandable.

Keeping in our feels isn’t the healthiest thing to do though, so we still need to vent to keep ourselves from exploding inside. If you’re in need of a listening ear but are too hesitant to reach out to parents, maybe these people can help.


Your best friend

Our best friends are a no-brainer choice when it comes to opening up about problems. They’re the ones who know you like the back of their hand and are genuinely interested about what you’re going through. Naturally, they’d be our first choice when we’re got some tea to share—whether it’s the deep issues or the light-hearted stories.

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A trusted family member

If not your parents, you may have family members you trust the way you do your best friend. Maybe it’s a cousin you grew up with or an aunt who treats you like her own child. It might help that they saw you grow up before their eyes, so they could easily understand where you're coming from when you open up to them. 

Your block’s representative

Block reps are often the friendliest of the bunch. They need to be able to jive with the different kinds of personas in the group and be responsible enough to fulfill their duties to the block. If you trust your block rep’s listening abilities, they might just make for a good ka-kuwentuhan about life. Who knows, you might even make a new friend out of them over time.


A teacher you trust

There’s a certain boundary that gets tricky to cross when it comes to interacting with our teachers. But aside from our parents, they’re the closest adult figure most of us have in our lives. Some of them also know that teaching is more than just a job and are able to see that students are humans, too, and would be willing to share genuine advice.


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