Beauty and Brains Can Co-Exist and These Women Will Show You How

by Ryanne Co   |  Jun 5, 2017
Image: Marie Lozano |
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It's already 2017, so why is it that sometimes we feel as if we still have to decide between being smart and being beautiful? Hasn't it already been established that girls are both? Céleteque, at the media launch for their new campaign "Think Plus Beautiful," reminds all of us that you can have your cake, eat it, and still be beautiful. Here's how.

To have it all, you have to know how to balance.

Ian Banzon is a national athlete and a practicing doctor. She plays water polo, is a CrossFit enthusiast, and triathlete, too. Oh and did we mention that she also practices acupuncture. Sound's impossible? Not really. As a holistic doctor, Ian shares how important balance is in one's personal life and career path. "[The balance] actually comes with just prioritizing and fixing your schedule. If you really want something, you're going to find a way to make it work."


This advice is definitely relatable, not just to yuppies but to students, too. Aren't we reminded of the importance of juggling our responsibilities well, like, all the time? And by different people (like our parents, our profs, even our orgmates), too ! Our lives are always going to be busy because life is full of things to do and that's definitely not a bad thing! Being busy is one of the best things to be as long as we know how to be busy the right way.

It's fine to hate what you do sometimes, but your passion is what will get you through it.

Marie Lozano, another one of the brand's newest ambassadors, is a mother and journalist who also happens to be on every glossy's best-dressed list. This mother and lifestyle blogger shares her passion for storytelling, while admitting that sometimes, her passion can feel like a chore.  

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That's normal, though! We mean, come on, who hasn't ever felt burnt out or lazy at some point in their lives? It's just part of being human and having to go through the daily grind, But what you can definitely count on is that if you really like what you're doing and if you really believe in it, your passion will ultimately win against whatever tedious task you're faced with for the day. Just keep going!

You can excel in two completely different fields.

Lastly, Shamcey Supsup-Lee, architect and third runner up to the universe's most prestigious beauty pageant shares how different the challenges of the architecture and beauty industries are. It takes seven years before you can even have a shot at becoming a licensed architect. Seven years of sleepless nights and endless plates all boiled down to one test, which Shamcey, a student from University of the Philippines Diliman, passed with flying colors. But while the stress of the academe remains rigorous, it is incomparable to the stress of competing in a beauty pageant, where the stakes are high and the women intimidating.


People have this archaic notion that you can only be a master at one thing, but those people probably don’t even know you. Yes, you can be good in both math and English (surprise). Yes, you can be an actress and a scientist if you want (hello, Mayim Bialik). And yes, you can be just as successful as any boy in any field you choose to enter. 


The lives that these three ladies lead are not easy ones. They're constantly busy, juggling work, social lives, family lives, and everything else on the side. It's not easy to have it all, that's for sure. It's a constant flux of activity and work and climbing to the top.

But these women did it, and who says you can't too?

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