Be The Best Summer Sister Ever!

Stuck at home the whole summer while your friends are out of town? Cheer up, Candy Girl! You can have tons of fun with your sibs!
by Marla Miniano   |  May 2, 2010
illustration by Ben Deluyas
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You've practically memorized all the lines from the movies in your DVD collection. You've tried calling every one of your girlfriends, but all of them are soaking up the sun on some secluded beach, and are "out of coverage area." Your eyes are beginning to hurt from all that time spent online, chatting with strangers and updating your blog twice a day. Boredom and loneliness are beginning to take over your system. Do you just lock yourself up in your room and mope for two months? Or do you muster up enough optimism to get up, smile, and do something about your lack of social activity?

The answers are right within the comforts of home: your cool big brother, your chic big sister, your cute little brother, and your charming little sister. Siblings make the very best summer buddies. Just give them a chance and you'll be glad you did!


Knowing how your big bro tends to overreact, you hide those tiny gifts from the guy you like and keep your mouth shut about that sweet text message you received last night. You can just imagine what he would say if he found out: he'd probably forbid you to go out until June, or worse, hunt Mr. Crushie down and tell him to leave you alone—or else!

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However, Kuya has a reason for being so protective. He's probably just worried about your safety and your feelings. After all, who would ever want to see his baby sis get hurt by some jerk out there?

The solution? Prove to him that you are mature and responsible enough to make your own decisions. Show him that you can enjoy yourself without compromising your well-being, and that the fun you're after is the good, clean kind. It may take a lot of work, but you have a whole summer ahead, so things are bound to go somewhere, right?


A big brother is the ideal companion for going on wacky adventures. He's not just a bodyguard; he's your partner in crime as well. But remember that you don't have to do anything too wild. You can go crazy by doing little things, like singing along to a Dashboard Confessional song together, or buying isaw from the friendly vendor across the street, or laughing your heads off over a FRIENDS episode (you can sigh over Ross while he drools over Rachel). You can also ask him to teach you how to drive, as long as he swears not to be too bossy, and as long as you promise not to be too stubborn.

Or go on a picnic date to Tagaytay with him! Show him how sweet and caring you can be by making him his favorite peanut-butter-and-cheese sandwiches. Talk about the Ross-Rachel tandem first before bringing up your own ka-love team. Ask him about the object of his affection, and offer some tips on how to melt that chick's heart. By this time, he would have already seen the amazing girl his baby sister has grown up to be-a girl who deserves every ounce of his trust.


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