Even Barbie Thinks Mental Health Matters

Applauding this social responsibility!
by Mara Agner   |  May 25, 2017
Image: YouTube/Barbie
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Today in proof that things are looking up: Barbie just talked about a mental health issue! Feeling blue, to be specific, but we'll take it. We all know that Barbie is known to be many things. She's always seen as happy, positive, a role model to a lot of kids, and not to mention, pretty. But she isn't exactly the first person that comes to mind when it comes to discussing social issues like mental health. Until a video of her talking about feeling very blue and opening up about living up to other people's expectations resurfaced.

In her vlog (yes, she has one!), she talked about what she usually does to combat the sad feeling and revealed that despite doing those things, nothing changes. "Sometimes, I still feel blue and then I feel guilty about feeling sad because I am supposed to be the upbeat, positive one all the time. I am known as being an upbeat person. But I'm not always. And I started to think, maybe I'm just really being unfair on myself. I don't always have to be upbeat and positive. And to expect that of myself is not fair. To camouflage myself, to fit into a mold of what I think should act or feel or think. That doesn't help anyone and it just gets you lost."

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Before she ended her vlog, she left a friendly reminder:

"The key is knowing that you are not alone in what you feel. Everyone has felt the way you feel at some point. And knowing that makes me feel better about not feeling better."

Way to go, Barbie! A lot of young girls and adults alike expressed approval of her vlog topic and left wonderful comments. Here are some of them:


"This is so incredibly important. I've suffered from an anxiety disorder and depression since I was five, seeing this made me cry because it might help children who are in my position. I can not express how happy it makes me to see a video about mental health directed at children, and her advice is legit too, my therapist told me similar things."

"The moment when you're 16 and can learn new things from Barbie."

"... it is healthy that this kind of messages are given to girls around the world. Feeling sad or down are all acceptable and realising that is important as a society. GREAT SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY making videos with this messages."


Watch the full video below.

What other social issues do you hope for Barbie to discuss?

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