What It's Like to Balance Acads and a Part-Time Job as a Working Student

by Raisa de los Reyes   |  Mar 30, 2023
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Oftentimes, you are not dealt the same cards as everybody else. You may not be presented with the same privileges and luxuries as others. You may need to help your parents financially support your family, which may lead you to look for jobs that could help lighten your parents’ financial burden. 

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If you intend to become a working student, here are some key points that you should consider before looking for a job.

  1. You will gain a lot of experience and skills.

While it is true that you will gain a lot of hard skills from academic institutions, it is equally important to learn and acquire soft skills from the workplace. Having access and possession to such skills at an earlier stage in your life may broaden your opportunities when you decide to explore your capacity as an employee at an industry of your choice. Moreover, you will become more familiar with how the workplace functions and what it is like to be an adult making difficult decisions. This could give you  an advantage because you’ll immediately be  accustomed to the culture and lifestyle of your colleagues and the industry. 

  1. You will need to manage your time and energy wisely.

Once you have signed your contracts and you have been included in the working channels of your work, you will need to establish a routine that will enable you to give equal effort into your job and your academics. You may opt to wake up earlier in the morning to have a headstart on your assigned tasks, or you may prefer to work later at night to accomplish all your schoolwork. While either routines may work, always ensure that you can maintain healthy coping mechanisms to prevent burnout and to sustain your health.  

  1. Your sweldo can be motivating.

Work can be draining. Being accustomed to a daily routine that only consists of work and more work can diminish the passion and drive that keep you going. But whenever you receive your monthly paycheck, you may begin to feel as though you are becoming more independent, which can also  boost your self-confidence. Moreover, you can  provide your family with practical necessities or even treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted.

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  1. Receiving notifications can be anxiety-inducing.

With companies having transitioned to a more virtual set-up, you may be introduced to a variety of working channels like Microsoft Teams, Trello, Viber, Slab, and Slack. Familiarize and acquaint yourself well with these applications because this is where all communication between your colleagues and your bosses may transpire. You may also be bombarded with messages from your blockmates and groupmates with regards to upcoming deadlines and classwork. These messages may be so taxing that you may eventually begin to feel nervous when you hear notification sounds. In order to combat this feeling, you can put your devices on “Do Not Disturb” mode to restrict reception of messages past your working hours.

  1. No rest on weekends.

Remember when you would get excited that it’s finally Friday? Well, sometimes, you won’t feel like it’s a Fri-yay anymore. While you may not be expected to work on the weekends, your busy schedule may require you to study for  your midterms and finals week during the weekend. You may find yourself accomplishing certain deadlines ahead of time so that you can focus more on your work during the weekdays.  In spite of being occupied and burnt out on the weekends, try to allocate a few minutes throughout the day for you to process everything and to clear your mind.



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