Aspiring Lawyer Ka Ba? Chel Diokno Gives Tips on How to Prepare for Law School

Is law school something you want to pursue?
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Aug 13, 2020
Image: FACEBOOK/Chel Diokno
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College is a battlefield, indeed. But law school is on another level that requires a certain skillset not everyone is equipped with. If pursuing legal education is something you're interested in, Atty. Chel Diokno's advice might prove useful.

In his Facebook Live session called Quarantine University's Youth Day Celebration, Atty. Diokno invited over Macoy Dubs, Hershey Neri, Dora Dorado, and Frankie Pangilinan for an online conversation about current issues. During the livestream, the human rights lawyer was asked for advice for those who want to take up law and he generously shared some tips which undergraduate students aspiring to become lawyers can start working on as early as now.

Learn to be good not only in speaking but also in writing.

"There are only two weapons that you have as a lawyer: the ability to persuade by words, both written and spoken," Atty. Diokno shares during his Facebook Live. He also pointed out that most law schools, however, fail to teach students this particular skill despite its relevance. While it's crucial to be adept at expressing your points verbally, it's also just as important to know how to convey a compelling message in written words. So if you plan on taking up law in the future, it's better to start honing your oral speaking skills and your apititude in writing as early as you can.

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Be dedicated.

If you think college has an overwhelming amount of readings, wait until you enter law. Atty. Diokno shares that you have to be really dedicated to becoming a good reader if you want to go to law school. Of course, being a good reader ultimately won't matter if you cannot "reason and argue" based on the things you've read, so those are two other things you need to practice as well.

Learn how to handle stress.

"Law school is a very stressful environment," he says. And there are also no shortages of the so-called "terror profs." To survive, Atty. Diokno warns that you'll have to learn to rise above the tension and pressure.

For the full livestream, watch here:


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