Attention: Candy Girls!

  |  May 21, 2007
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We rounded up some Candy girls to tell us what makes them think they're Certified Candy girls. Read on to find out what their reasons are:

I'm a Certified Candy girl because...

...Well, simple. Because I am who I am.

I try to look at things positively. I keep my feet on the ground. I try to be unique as much as possible.—

...I know who I am and I know who I'm not. I love my friends and family. I love who I am. My character today has been molded by reading Candy for years. I am simple and that's what I've been taught by my printed friend, Candy. I am a world-class dreamer.

I am tough, strong, and smart. I am sweet, sensitive, and carefree so what more can others want from this Candy girl?—sweet_and_flipped

...I've been an avid reader since December 2000 and at the same time, an active poster here at TeenTalk. We've (Candy and I) been celebrating our relationship for almost 6 years! Haha. WinkMaye


Want to dish with other Candy girls about what makes you a Certified Candy girl? Just point your browser to TeenTalk, the most buzzing message board for teens this side of the WWW! ;D

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