This Pharmacist on TikTok Shares Easy-to-Follow Lessons About Medicine and Healthcare

Arshie is a BS Pharmacy and PharmaD graduate from CEU.
by Katrina Golamco   |  May 3, 2021
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If ever you’ve been to TikTok lately, you would notice your FYP has been more diverse in contents compared to the past years. You would not only see the viral dances of Niana Guerrero, or the newest food clips from milktpapi, or the iconic characters from Kris HC. But alongside of those are the professionals who go beyond their work’s limitations to create online content to educate everyone about misconceptions and FYIs regarding vital topics, such as healthcare, politics, and science.

One of whom is Filipino TikTok content creator and Pharmacist Arshie Larga (@arshielife), whose content focuses on answering the most asked and talked about topics regarding medicine and healthcare. With over a million TikTok followers and over 40 thousand Twitter followers, Arshie goes over questions like, “Ano pong masasabi niyo sa Ivermectin?” to “Ano po ang gamot na napepeke?” Let Arshie explain all of these to you!

Here are a few things to know about Arshie Larga:

Arshie is a BS Pharmacy and PharmaD graduate from CEU.

Arshie has been vocal to his followers that he took his undergraduate and doctorate degrees at Centro Escolar University. But surprisingly, Pharma is actually not his first choice! In one of his tweets, he shared that his dream course was actually tourism since he wanted to travel and be a flight attendant. And many years later, after taking his parents’ advice, he is now successfully working with his mom as a community pharmacist at their own pharmacy in Marinduque, his hometown.

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Creating relatable and educational content is the reason why his followers grew fast. Most of his wits on TikTok and Twitter are mostly about the struggles he encountered while being a Pharma student and the sabaw and fun moments he has had while interacting with customers. But ultimately, many Filipinos have admired him for creating accessible and easy-to-follow videos about the common information that every person should know about medicine and healthcare.


Reply to @sexyyou2 Ilang halimbawa ng pekeng gamot! Panuorin ng mabuti???? ##learnontiktok ##tiktokskwela ##healthtokph

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He curates educational videos about the essential details on medicines.

Most especially now that we are in the middle of a health crisis where people are most vulnerable to being misinformed regarding self-medication and home remedies, following professionals on social media platforms, such as Arshie, may help people lead to the right information and may possibly save lives.


Like in one of his videos, he prompted an educational advisory and discussion about the circulating videos regarding people taking paracetamol as a substitute for antidepressants. He reminded people why this cannot be practiced because of the additional health risks it can entail and received a lot of commendations from his viewers by being more educational and empathetic rather than domineering to those who self-medicate and have no proper access to convenient medical assistance, which is a trait that his followers love.


He also taught his followers how to spot fake over-the-counter medicines people commonly use and what to do when you miss a contraceptive pill. Because of these comprehensive quick lessons, though long-overdue, people are now noticing the deeper importance of pharmacists.

He is also a big K-Pop fanboy.

On the side, he also produces his own YT vlogs, where he proudly proclaims his love for EXO, TWICE, and other K-Pop groups. He vlogs about his Korea trips, meeting his K-Pop idols, and lately he began to vlog everything there is to know about Pharma. So, for current and aspiring Pharma students out there, head over to his channel for more college tips!


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Follow Arshie on TikTok: @arshielife and on Twitter: @arshiethromycin for more Pharma and medical related videos!



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